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All's Well That Ends Well

The phone rings as they get back home. Lorelai lets the machine pick it up. It's Max. He talked to Headmaster Charleston and he's agreed to let Rory do some extra credit work to make up for the missed test today. This work will, of course, be awful, time-consuming, and extremely painful, but it'll get her caught up "to where she rightfully belongs." He gets in a little "Lorelai, it was a pleasure seeing you." Lorelai smiles. Music that I don't hate swells up and we fade to black.

Next week: The parallels between mother and daughter continue as they both start dating. It's awkward for Rory because...well, she's sixteen, and,'s awkward to try to talk to your mother about your love life. Things get even worse when Rory finds out that Lorelai is dating Mr. Medina.

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