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...where Max Medina is handing back graded papers. Oh, I always hated the feeling when they handed back papers. I would be sick to my stomach for days. Oh, wait -- we're not talking about me here? Right. Max the Teacher is rambling on about the "decent effort by most," "the good effort by some," and the excellent effort by two. Which two? Do I even have to tell you? Of course, it's Terrible Paris and her Blonde Ambition sidekick. As if the grade wouldn't be embarrassing enough, Mr. Medina leans in to Rory and says, "Take this home, and learn from your mistakes." Her stomach drops into her knees as we see the large red "D" coupled with many more large red marks across various other parts of her paper. Oh, please don't cry, Rory. Max carries on, saying that the red marks actually represent the fact that to err is human and all that garbage before reminding them about the "dreaded" Shakespeare test scheduled for Friday: "This is a big one, my friends. Multiple choice with an essay section that will count for twenty percent of your grade this semester." Ouch. This test will be hard. There will be no make-ups. The bell rings. Max suggests that everyone take a look at the study notes he gave them at the beginning of the month as paper shuffles, bags open, and the class prepares to leave. Terrible Paris and her sidekick start gloating about their grades. One girl named Madeline got a "B," which, according to Tweedle "A" and Twaddle Blonde, is a totally "respectable" grade. A "D" however -- well, that would be cause for concern. Of course, they say all this within deafening earshot of poor Rory, the recipient of the horrible grade. They start taunting her about putting in her job application to McDonald's, and would she "like fries with that," and "somebody has to answer the phone," and all kinds of other mean things. Girls can be so cruel. To add insult to injury, All-American boy who teased Rory by calling her "Mary" asks her out on a date. He figures that they aren't friends because he makes her nervous. She tries to get rid of him. He wants to know if she's got a boyfriend. She says it's none of his business. He thinks she likes him but just doesn't "know how to say it." Then he asks her out again, and she asks him to please leave her alone. Wow. Rory has great composure for a sixteen-year-old. I wish I had spunk at that age. I couldn't even talk to boys when I was in high school. I'd just turn bright red and wish they went away. Oh, wait -- this isn't about me. Right.

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