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Independence Inn. Drella runs her cello over Michel's toe, ruining his $300 Italian "lowferrs." They bicker. Lorelai breaks it up. Michel tries to fire Drella. She makes a crack about Versace pacifiers. Ragdoll giggles. No, honestly -- I'm watching television, writing a recap, and actually laughing at the humour in the show and not at the show itself. I can barely contain myself. Lorelai sends Drella to her corner and tells Michel "he's a grown man" and to "go to his desk and act like one." As she rifles through the mail, Lorelai comes across a magazine, says "Ohmigod!" a couple of times, and rushes off to the kitchen. She screams to Sookie, "It's here! It's here!" While scrambling through the pages, Rory walks in carting her barrage of bags, and drops them on the floor as her mother quips: "Behold, in theaters now, The Thing That Reads A Lot!" Hardy Har Har. Rory inquires about chocolate. Sookie busts a gut waiting for Lorelai to read the review already. It's glowing. If fact, it's a great review. Except for "the much lauded risotto which is perfectly fine." Oops. Sookie can't get past the risotto; she grabs the magazine from Lorelai and starts obsessing. Lorelai does a strange wiggle dance toward her daughter and insists that they celebrate. Rory refuses; she's got to study. And Sookie explains she's got to organize the shopping list. Lorelai starts her usual banter blah de blah young and fiery women, wiggle to the left, blah de blah girls on the town, wiggle to the right, blah de blah to hell with responsibility only to be interrupted by remembering the linen delivery. Through a mouthful of chocolate, Rory deadpans: "You go, girl."

Rory is seated at the kitchen table surrounded by her numerous books and study supplies. Her mother is watching television. Not only is she watching television, but she is also talking back to the television. Lorelai jumps up and wants to go for ice cream because she's bored. No can do. Rory is studying. There will be no break-taking tonight. The fridge door is opened and its contents discussed. There is more banter about Lorelai interrupting Rory's studying: "Lorelai!" Rory says: "Go to your room!" They make a deal: if Lorelai lets her study now, Rory will play with her this weekend. Including the shoe sale? Yes. She can try on anything she wants? Yes. Interference will be run if someone is hunting for her size? Yes. The ploy seems to work and Rory gets back to her books. Lorelai saunters out of the kitchen, but wanders back: "So. I'm sorry? Where did we land on the whole ice cream issue?" Rory slams some books together and leaves the room. What?

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