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Max is holding his parent/teacher conference. He describes his curriculum for the semester: Elizabethan literature. Snooty Parent #1 asks if it is "really necessary" to include Marlowe. Max lets him know he wants to provide as complete an overview as possible. Ragdoll thinks she should have gone to Chilton. She didn't study Marlowe or even Webster in graduate school. ["Me neither. Wait, I think I read one Marlowe play as an undergrad. Oh, wait -- this isn't about me, either." -- Wing Chun] Snooty Parent #2 wants to know whether Marlowe's going to be on the "AP" Test. Snooty Parents #3 and #4 only want their children studying material for the Advance Placement Test. Max replies the only way to find out the content of the test would be to bribe someone on the AP Committee. Glib doesn't go over too well with Snooty Parent #5. Continuing our "bad day" theme, Lorelai stumbles into the meeting, starts explaining her "pothole incident" to Mr. Medina, to gracefully tries incorporate herself into the meeting and manages to trip all over the world. She makes a crack and taps the globe. Max introduces himself as does Lorelai before Snooty Parent Number #2 dismisses them both with a little "how nice, now, the AP test...?" These parents are frightening.

As Max starts back into his presentation, Lorelai tries the coffee, almost spits it out and says something like: "Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and the camel." Blank stares from the Snooty Parent Tribe. More banter about the test -- when, where, how. Then Lorelai announces that she'd like to come; it's a big deal and she'd like to take part. All directions of Snooty Parents turn to give her the stink-eye. Snooty Parent #4 replies: "It's a test. What's exciting about a test?" Lorelai makes a crack about golf: "You explain yours and I'll explain mine." Hee. Snooty Parents #5 and #6 make derogatory remarks about both Gilmore Girls but just before punches fly, Max calls a break. He and Lorelai gravitate back toward one another. More bad coffee jokes. He apologizes for the Snooty Parents; they're tense. "Tense" isn't the word I'd use to describe them. Lorelai: "Hey, are you this nice to my kid?" Max: "Oh, yeah -- hey, it's easy. Rory's a sweet girl." Lorelai: "She is." They make small talk that includes a story about a Harvard sweatshirt used as a makeshift diaper. Even I'm embarrassed for Rory. There are twinkles in both people's eyes, and you know, I'm not even grossed out. There is something wrong with this picture. More flirting, Max asks if Lorelai is a "B-52's girl" while looking at the t-shirt she's wearing underneath her power suit. She explains that she spilled coffee all down her grown-up clothes, which is why she had to change into whatever was lying around in her car. It's a great t-shirt, though. ["Word. I covet it." -- Wing Chun] Then the other shoe drops. Lorelai finds out about the bad grade, explains that Rory's probably not feeling too well, and busts a move right out of the meeting.

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