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Rory Bores People

Rory comes home after her date to find Luke asleep on the couch. Lorelai is tucking him in. Rory asks if he fell asleep during Casablanca. Lorelai says he fell asleep during Hardbodies. Rory says he looks comfy on their couch.

Back in the kitchen, Rory tells Lorelai that the date just went bad. Trevor wasn't her type, and the draft thing backfired, since Trevor says he felt the same draft and moved over to her side of the table. Lorelai can't believe how malleable boys are. Rory says she felt the date was so forced. Lorelai tells Rory that Luke believes in the gut, but she thinks you have to go through a lot to find a good one. They decide a girl has to hunt a lot, and gather many bad date anecdotes. Rory asks how long this can go on. Lorelai reminds Rory about the ladies of Grey Gardens. She says that Rory can go with Luke's gut thing if all else fails. "Maybe," Rory says. End of scene. Okay.

Night at Yale. The Smiths plays. And we're in a laundry room. Don't ask me what day it is. Rory finds a cute boy folding laundry. This cute boy decides to put band stickers all over his laundry basket. *coughLOSER!cough* Rory's wearing the same clothes she had on Thursday, and says that her clothes were in that dryer he's using. The boy tells her that someone had dumped them out, so he put them in his basket to keep them clean. Or he was going to steal them, as that's what happened to one of my friends in college. Rory compliments the boy's basket (dirty!) as she takes back her clothes. He folded them, too. Sorry, Rory, but your new hunk is gay. He tells her that he had an older brother who turned him on to The Smiths. Gay, or celibate. Rory brags that Lorelai is very cool. She says that being away makes you think about home. You mean the place you just left three minutes ago, Rory? Getting bold, Rory asks the boy if he'd be interested in getting coffee sometime. "I don't think so, but thanks," he says. He leaves, and Rory tells him he's welcome. Dis! Rory looks away as Morrissey wails us to black. Yeah. Sorry, Rory. Gay.

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