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Lorelai is blatantly disregarding Luke's cell phone policy in the diner, as she's chatting with a designer. Luke points outside, and as Lorelai wraps up her call she slowly inches toward the door (they're going to meet Friday afternoon), Luke practically pushing her, until Lorelai is in the doorway, hanging up. The best part of this scene is the guy holding the cheeseburger sitting at the table next to the door. He keeps gesturing with the cheeseburger, not really saying any lines, just smiling to the other extra, using the cheeseburger as some kind of prop. In fact, because he's still sitting there holding the cheeseburger, he decides to pick up his coke and take a sip rather than risk the burger continuity. The burger extra cares way more about continuity than anyone else on this show ever has. Mad props to Burger Extra Boy. Luke asks Lorelai why she can't respect the rules of his diner. Lorelai says she does; it's the baseball cap he wears that she has issues with. Michel enters and sits down, opting not to mock the turtleneck for some reason. And while I'm nitpicking, Lorelai's maroon turtleneck sleeveless top is the worst thing they've ever put on her. She's got nice arms, but the turtleneck makes it seem like her head is floating above this mass of torso. It completely hides her nice rack and makes her seem hunchy and heavy, when we know that Lorelai's a total babe. Boo on sleeveless turtleneck knit tops. Boo on them, I say.

Michel's done extensive research on designers, and presents Lorelai with a list of names. Lorelai skips a thank you and instead says she hopefully won't need them, as she thinks she just found the designer she wants. Michel says, "Well, good. I love doing research just for the sake of doing research. I live to grow." I love Michel. Burger Extra Boy update: he's seated just behind Michel, and has yet to take a bite out of that burger he's gesticulating with. Michel asks if Lorelai is still buying him lunch. Lorelai says she is, but she should probably take him somewhere else. Luke interrupts here to ask why. Lorelai says that Michel has very strict dietary needs. Michel says normally that's true, but every six months he gives himself a crazy day where he can eat anything he wants, and today's Crazy Day. He asks Luke about his chocolate cake. "Is it Mexican?" Luke: "Is what Mexican?" Michel: "The chocolate." Luke: "How would I know?" Michel: "It would say so on the wrapper. You could go look." Luke doesn't. (Burger Extra Boy just borrowed mustard for his bun!) Luke tells Lorelai to take Michel somewhere else. As Luke leaves, Michel asks him to bring back a donut, with sprinkles. Lorelai answers her cell phone. It's Emily, asking Lorelai if she knows about one of life's greatest mysteries -- if Lorelai will be coming for dinner each Friday night. As Emily nags Lorelai about not knowing the four letters R. S. V. and P, Lorelai desperately tries to get Luke's attention. Here you can see that Luke's got a wet, greasy spot on his back from the earlier attempts at this scene. Lorelai makes a noise, and Emily asks if that noise means that she's coming to dinner or that she's reading while Emily's talking. Lorelai grabs a napkin and bunches it, staring at Luke's back, while she tells Emily to just plan on Lorelai coming, and if she doesn't, then there will just be more food for everybody else. Oh, doesn't that solve everything? Lorelai tosses the napkin at Luke, but it just flitters off to the side. Luke's deep in a discussion with Caesar. The real Caesar, not that Spanish kid they had for one day. Lorelai picks up a butter knife and briefly debates tossing it at Luke. Heh. Emily says there's careful planning and preparation that goes into every meal. Not that Emily does any of it. Lorelai picks up some kind of muffin or sandwich and hurls it at Luke's back. Luke turns around to yell at Lorelai, who shoots him that winning smile to brag that she's on her cell phone in the diner. "Get off that phone!" Luke yells, pointing his finger. Lorelai tells Emily that she can't talk on the phone in the diner and has to go. She hangs up rudely, and then complains that Luke took too long when she needed him. Luke does a bit of a double take.

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