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There's a girl in Rory's class mumbling on about some Hemingway and I totally don't care and neither do you or anybody else. Rory tries to counter with her own thoughts, but she's unused to someone disagreeing with her, or insinuating that she's not both correct and always right, so Rory's a little confused. The boy sitting next to Rory sticks up for her thoughts, of course. The poor girl (named Heather) then has to interject the awkwardly delivered, "But...?" before she's cut off by the instructor to dismiss the class. Heather has some serious problems with her bangs. They'll continue this discussion Thursday, for those of you trying to follow along in your continuity planners. Rory thanks the guy (who's dressed more preppy than anything in The Preppy Handbook illustrates) for sticking up for her (she calls it "saving," but Rory doesn't need to be saved, right?!). They make fun of Heather a little. Rory says she's never heard someone like the word "bourgeois" so much. Amazing that Rory doesn't follow that with the joke, "Other than Madonna."

Out in the hallway, Preppy asks Rory what she's up to this weekend. He carries a tiny water bottle and not much else. Rory says she hopes to get a little sleeping done in between her studying. He asks if she eats. "Habitually," she answers. Preppy says he's thinking of going to a restaurant named Pancia de Lucca this weekend. "Oh, cool," Rory interrupts. "Tell me how it is." Dis. Preppy says that she could come with him. Rory says she can't this Saturday (or any other time that she's not in classes -- as that's when she's in Stars Hollow), but if he doesn't mind she'd like to some other time. He says he'll see her next week. "Bye, Trevor," she says. Next week? Does this class only meet once a week? Then it's Thursday?

Lorelai's still wearing that turtleneck, so if it's Thursday...I don't know. Rory walks in, laundry basket in hand. Huh. Lorelai asks what she's doing home. Rory says she just learned that if you leave your laundry in the machine for more than two minutes after it stops, someone will dump the clothes on the floor. "My Belle and Sebastian t-shirt was in the garbage," Rory scoffs. Ror, those Yalies just keep teaching you one important lesson after another. Rory complains that on top of all her reading and studying, she now has to rewash all of her clean clothes. And if that's all of Rory's clean clothes, half of a basket's worth, then Rory's got a strange complex about her clothes. When I did my laundry (about once a month), it took a few garbage bags to carry everything. Lorelai says that Rory should quit school in protest. Rory says she will. She leans down to grab a slice of pizza, but Lorelai interrupts her, saying that's not theirs. Enter Lane for a cameo, overshadowed by that opening/closing dungeon door sound effect. She runs in, saying she has five minutes for the pizza. Rory and Lane exchange a hello as Lane takes the plastic piece of prop pizza out of Rory's hand and holds it to her mouth. Lane complains that MamaLane ordered all of the okra in the western hemisphere. Lorelai mugs a huge face of sympathetic understanding. Rory tells Lane to slow down. Lane takes a breath and complains again about college and strict parents and things that we haven't explored yet this season. Rory offers Lane a Coke, but Lane says she doesn't have any time for liquids. She asks for another piece of pizza. Lane says this is good and that the girls look good. She asks Rory if things are good. Rory doesn't get to make the first letter in "good" before Lane's watch beeps and she runs out of the house. I do believe they're just teasing us with Lane. "She is so throwing up on the way home," Lorelai notes.

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