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Luke slams the door, and Lorelai asks what is wrong with him. "Ed bugs me," Luke grumps. "Ed cries!" Lorelai says. Luke says he's having a bad day. Lorelai pluralizes his "day." She tells him that he's been grumpy for days now. Maybe because he's become your personal assistant over the past week? I'm skipping recapping the part where Lorelai calls Luke every famous dog in the book. Luke tells Lorelai that he had bought tickets to a baseball game to go with Nicole. His back is to us when they loop in the word "Yankees," depending on how the World Series was looking on the airdate. Anyway, Luke's pissed at himself for buying something in the future, which meant he invested in his relationship's future, which is something he never does and this is why. I guess...aside from marrying someone. That might be considered an investment in the future...but maybe John Stephens didn't get the memo that this season Luke was going through a Ross-and-Rachel-style divorce. Right here I'd like to add that I'm shocked that Lorelai doesn't whine about how she loves hot dogs, and they should have gone to the game together. Lorelai tells Luke that tomorrow night was usually Movie Night, a weekly movie-viewing that used to be one of the many "things" that she shared with Rory. Sometimes Lorelai's shirt is tucked under her sweater vest (probably a mic problem) and sometimes it isn't. Luke agrees to come to Movie Night. "Sure. What else have I got to do?" he says. Lorelai coos that she loves it when men say that to her. She says it's at eight, and she'll pick up a couple of movies for them. Luke says she can pretty much be sure that he's never seen anything she wants to pick up, so she can get whatever. He fixes her a cup of coffee to go as she complains that people always says that. Luke says with him, it's true. "Casablanca?" Lorelai asks. Luke's never seen it. Lorelai can't believe it. Luke also hasn't seen Chinatown, Bonnie and Clyde, It Happened One Night, His Girl Friday, Treasure of the Sierra Madre, or Diner. Around my house we call those films "shit my mom's always trying to get me to see." Consequently, I've seen some of Chinatown, the beginning of Bonnie and Clyde, maybe some of It Happened One Night, and the only reason I've seen Casablanca is because I kept falling asleep trying to watch it, so on the seventh try I turned on three fans pointed at me, grabbed a Jolt cola, a bag of popcorn, and some candy, sat on an uncomfortable surface, kept my shoes on, and started the film at noon. I forced myself to watch it. And man, Luke. I feel for ya. I'd be skipping Lorelai's movie night, too. Can't she just rent From Justin to Kelly like everybody else? ["I have to say, though, for any character on this particular show not to have seen Diner strikes me as odd, never mind the guy who actually owns one." -- Sars]

Luke thinks for a second and says he saw Mr. and Mrs. Bridge. Lorelai touches her face and makes a terrified noise. She says that they've got some serious work to do. Lorelai quickly asks Luke to bring her package with him if it arrives today. As if she won't see him tonight at dinner and tomorrow morning at breakfast. And lunch. During the commercial break, Stee turns to me and says, "Do you know who's in Mr. and Mrs. Bridge?" Obviously I don't. But for some reason, Stee does. I'm still a little nervous about how much it made him giggle that Luke saw that movie.

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