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Ooh, That Smell

But in Rory's defense, she can't only blame herself for never learning to pretend to have a nice time at dinner; clearly there was no way she was ever going to learn it from her mother. Lorelai and Christopher are having after-dinner drinks with Richard and Emily as the 'rents go on boringly about winter tennis, while the members of the younger couple gaze miserably at their knees, completely tuned out. Finally, Christopher turns to Lorelai and mutters, "I know I'm not Sherry." Emily's briefly distressed to think that Chris got sherry instead of port, but Chris ignores her and asks Lorelai to come to Paris with him: "You were right. I should take Gigi myself, check everything out." Lorelai agrees, melting faster than a Bermuda Ice Hotel. Emily and Richard struggle to keep up, until Lorelai finally remembers that her parents are there, and announces that she and Chris are going to Paris. Chris says that it'll be in a couple of weeks, so they'll have to reschedule the tennis date. Lorelai twists the knife: "Yeah, totally 12th of never. We don't play tennis or golf or bridge or any game that can be played in a foursome, except hangman and sometimes Pictionary." ["They're really missing out by boycotting mah jongg." -- Wing Chun] Emily wonders what's going on with Lorelai all of a sudden: "You were being so pleasant all evening." Of course to Emily, "pleasant" means "quiet" where her daughter is concerned. Either way, she really should have noticed that something was up. The doorbell rings as Lorelai finally digs into the rhubarb pie that's been sitting in front of her this whole time. Rory comes in, and Lorelai tells her she's just in time for the viewing of Emily's mug shot. She pulls out her cameraphone, and even Richard hops up from his spot next to Emily to join in the group mocking of his jailbird wife. Rory asks whether Emily had to wear handcuffs; Christopher says no, but that she had "one of those ankle things with a chain and a cannonball on the end." Lorelai piles on with a crack about a stripy outfit. Emily sits and pouts, making us three for three on grumpy Gilmore women for the evening.

Later, Christopher drives Lorelai and Rory home in his car. This makes me wonder how Rory's been getting around up until this point in the evening, but never mind. We're almost done. Anyway, Christopher looks for a song on the radio that they can all agree on. Lorelai says no to Jewel, Rory says no to Quiet Riot, and neither of them wants to hear Kenny G. Finally, Chris lands on an oldies station playing Jay & the Americans' "Come A Little Bit Closer." They bond silently over their shared enjoyment of the music, and Chris even does a dorky little head bob along with the beat. It's kind of a sweet moment. If this goes on very long, I'm going to start gagging and making grossed-out faces. But then they do instead, as they enter the pickle-stink zone, and I feel much, much better.

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