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At Christopher's place, Lorelai has discovered the magic of TiVo. Christopher comes in from putting Gigi to bed and finds her improvising a little symphony of "boop"s and "bamp"s. Seriously, that's what she's doing. "Finally, an instrument I can play," she says. Christopher tries to get the remote from her, and she wants to know what's up with all the episodes of The View, Girlfriends, and Sabado Gigante: "Who controls this thing, you or Pedro Almodóvar?" Chris blames the nanny, and finally retrieves the TiVo remote from Lorelai before she brings down a satellite with it or something. Chris says that he just tried to abbreviate Gigi's bedtime story, but Gigi wasn't having it: "My wicked stepsister voice kills.

This brings Chris to the next topic of the evening: something he wants to show Lorelai. He gets up to retrieve something out of a drawer that's right there, but the short trip still provides Lorelai enough time to go on a whole thing about how she doesn't ever know how to react to toddler art. He returns, handing her a thick Par Avion envelope and telling her it's from Sherry -- the first communication he's received from her since their divorce was finalized. "How Dangerous Liaisons of her," Lorelai says. "She doesn't call, she doesn't email, then she sends you a letter with a wax seal that weighs roughly the same as a porterhouse." Basically, Lorelai's holding a fifteen-page apology. Chris was as surprised to get it a couple of days ago as Lorelai is now. He says that Sherry really appears to have changed, although he doesn't know whether to ascribe that to Sherry's having taken up yoga, or her having taken up with her yoga instructor: "Jean-Claude or Jean-Pierre, one of those names that always sounds fake." And then he says that Sherry wants to be part of Gigi's life again. Lorelai says that's great, and Chris seems to agree. And with that out of the way, we can more on to the most important aspect of this development, which is how it affects Lorelai. She's surprised that he's showing the letter to her after getting it a couple of days ago. He explains that he thought about telling her right away, but decided to wait until Lorelai came over. But Lorelai's not mad; quite the contrary, in fact. She's glad that Christopher's sharing it with her at all, instead of going the other way: "You're sure you don't want to stash it and somewhere, and then I find it -- accidentally of course -- months from now, and I get all weird and insecure about why you didn't tell me sooner?" Christopher says that this works fine for him. And one TiVo "boop" later, they're settled in to watch TV on the couch, just like some old never-married couple whose kid is away at college. Chris "treats" Lorelai to a bit of his wicked stepsister voice, much to her embarrassment. If he was worried about her breaking up with him over something tonight, I'd think it'd be that.

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