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Ooh, That Smell

Turns out that after Lorelai went back to the inn, she continued all the way to Christopher's neighborhood, where the two of them are watching Gigi play at the park. Lorelai rhapsodizes about fresh, pickle-less air, so clearly she got the skinny from Sookie and Michel before skipping town. Chris acts mock-hurt about Lorelai not actually being there because she's desperate to see him. "10% desperate to see you, 90% pickles," she assures him. She's even looking forward to Friday-night dinner at her parent's completely odorless house. And we learn that Christopher is invited, too. "You, me, Rory. Numbers, babe," Lorelai says. Chris laugh/yells at Gigi to keep her skirt down, prompting Lorelai to suggest skorts. Chris says that there's more news on the Sherry front: she called today and talked to Gigi for a half-hour. "That's as long as you can do anything when you're four," Lorelai says. And also when you're Lorelai, I'm thinking. Chris says that Sherry not only stands by everything she said in her letter; she also wants Gigi to come and stay with her in Paris for a couple of months. Lorelai goes wide-eyed at this, but Chris thinks it sounds like a great idea: "She's got to get to know her mother sometime, right?" He's too distracted by calling to Gigi not to climb so high to notice that Lorelai is quietly freaking out, so when she asks if Chris will go with Gigi, he says he'll just send the nanny with the kid: "I mean, she's dying to go. She's twenty-five years old, it's the chance of a lifetime." "Yeah, sure," Lorelai says noncommittally, as Chris gets up off the bench to keep Gigi from picking something up that she shouldn't. That could have so easily turned into one of those old Will Ferrell yelling-dad sketches. "I will CHAIN YOU to a PIPE in the BASEMENT if you don't keep your skirt down!"

At the newspaper office, Rory's in the middle of mediating an argument over who's going to be in charge of the paper while she's gone tonight. Bill claims that he, as managing editor, should run the place, while Paris claims superior experience. Bill points out that Paris ended up with a mutiny last time she was in charge. "It's not like anyone ever gave Captain Bligh another ship after the Bounty," he says. Wrong thing to say to Paris, who retorts, "Of course they did. Multiple ships. And by the time he died, they promoted the guy to Rear Admiral. Do you think the British Royal Navy ruled the world in the nineteenth century by letting that much natural talent and leadership capability go to waste just because a few whiny complainers wanted more breadfruit and less scurvy?" Well, I suppose the important thing is that Paris learned something from her experience. Rory's cell phone rings, and she asks them to take the discussion somewhere else, but then they start arguing about that, and she and her cell phone stomp off with a muttered "Oh, for God's sake."

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