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...which gives Lorelai her opening to belatedly express her doubts about the whole Paris plan. Christopher says that although he thinks he's been doing a pretty good job with the kid ("Amazing," Lorelai agrees sincerely), "it's hard, you know? It's really hard." Lorelai doesn't point out that she knows exactly how hard it is to raise a kid when said kid's other parent has totally bailed on you. Instead, she lets Chris go on to say that he needs to help bring Gigi and her mom together. Lorelai sees that, but isn't sure the best way to go is to put "a toddler alone on an airplane with an eighteen-year-old nanny who's totally psyched to go to France." "The nanny's twenty-five," Christopher says testily. At which age Lorelai had a nine-year-old, but whatever. Even without my help, this is pretty clearly escalating into an argument before our eyes.

As they pull up in the Gilmores' driveway and walk up to the door, Chris pulls the rather dickish move of accusing Lorelai of being threatened by Sherry. She denies it: "This is about me thinking I could speak openly and honestly about my concerns without getting freaked out on." It's just going to go downhill from there, but Lorelai's already rung the doorbell and asks Chris to drop it. Emily answers the door, completely amped to see both of them. Stoked, even. I would go so far as to say jazzed. Does she care that her guests hate each other right now? Well, that would require her to notice, and we all know that isn't going to happen.

Meanwhile, Rory's having a miserable dinner of her own, listening to Logan, along with Philip and Nick, go on and on about their meeting, and how it looked like the whole thing was about to fall through. Until Bobbi abruptly stood up and said, "Meeting's over, boys." She acts all shy about it now, but after much coaxing from the guys, she finally agrees to reenact the scene for Rory's benefit. Not that "benefit" is the word on Rory's mind right now. Judging from the look on her face, I'd say that that word would have to be "napalm." The gang orders another bottle (like they need one), and Bobbi again tries to be nice, turning to Rory to ask her about her major. When she hears Rory's studying English, she reminisces about doing nothing but reading while she was at Oxford. "It was such a luxury," she Brits. "Enjoy it while it lasts. Before you know it, you'll be out in the real world with the rest of us poor sods." Rory gracelessly points out that they seem to be having plenty of fun, which Bobbi credits to Logan. Rory tries to say something about how Logan also has a serious side, which would probably be more convincing if he weren't simultaneously licking her hand. "You two are so adorable," Bobbi remarks. Then she says, "Don't get too excited, boys. I'm just going to the loo," and makes a big production of standing up from the table again. The guys raucously approve. If it's possible to sulk raucously, Rory does that.

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