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Lorelai gets her hair done, grateful to have her head in a shampoo sink. Her cell phone rings. She says she can't ignore it, since she's been waiting to talk to her daughter all week. But it's the delivery guys, and nobody's there to approve the sink, so they're going to leave. Lorelai begs to get a little bit of time to get someone over there pronto. She calls Sookie and gets the longest answering-machine message, where Sookie and Jackson try to get their baby to contribute. Lorelai calls Michel, who is beaming with giddiness because Céline Dion is standing five feet from her. This very same conversation happened once when I called my friend who's a concierge at the schmancy New York hotel Michel's is based on, and he was whispering, "I'm staring at Ellen DeGeneres!" However, I was excited for my friend and listened to him describe everything about her, unlike Lorelai, who wishes Michel would drop everything to do what she says. Lorelai leaves the salon as we go to commercial.

Lorelai, with droopy wet hair and a pouty face, knocks on Sookie's door. Sookie is exhausted from her baby, and forgot about the sink. She doesn't think it's a big deal, but Lorelai thinks it's a huge deal: they sent the sink back to Canada since nobody signed for it. It does make me feel good to know that things have to be done to Lorelai's hair to make it look nice, and that in its normal state it looks like everyone else's hair. Lorelai then gives Sookie a reaming. Lorelai's done everything for the past six months, taking care of meetings and bills and finances. She hasn't had a second for herself. She wanted one hour to get her hair done, and she couldn't even do that. Sookie says she apologized, but that she has a baby. Lorelai: "Yes! I know! Believe me! It's all I hear about lately." Wow. Sookie apologizes for breeding. Lorelai says that Sookie misses every meeting and needs Lorelai to be there. She says she had a partner so that she wouldn't have to do everything herself. Sookie says she didn't know she was pregnant when they started the inn, and that she was never supposed to deal with the business side of things, anyway. She wanted to run the kitchen, and that's all she knows how to do. Lorelai says she needs Sookie before that. Sookie says she's doing the best she can. Lorelai leaves, slamming the door, waking the baby.

Lane asks Luke for her job back. Luke gives it to her, because he's swamped at the diner. Luke tells her she starts tonight. Lane runs into Lorelai, who's wearing a Bon Jovi hat. She thanks Lorelai for letting her stay with her. Lorelai checks her messages and hears one from Rory, informing her that Lane will be staying with her. Lane asks if it's okay. Lorelai says it's okay as long as Lane lets her mom know. Lorelai walks to the counter. Luke complains that he can't believe people eat this much, and that it's disgusting all the food people order and shove into their mouths every day. Lorelai suggests that Luke might be in the wrong business. Lorelai asks him to hit the pause button on the rant, and invites Luke to dinner that night. Luke says that his wife is out of town for the week, and suggests that he make them dinner at the diner. Lorelai knows you have to spend money to make money, so would rather schmooze Luke out of thousands of dollars at a fancy restaurant than pop the question over a pancake. Luke complains about having to wear a tie. Lorelai says he only has to wear a jacket, and that he can take it off after they sit down. Luke agrees to go, and compliments Lor's hat. Lorelai says she's living on a prayer.

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