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Cardigan Man is walking over to his store, and stops when he sees police tape. The market has been taped off; on the sidewalk in front of the entrance to the store, there's a chalk outline of a body. Now, is he just opening the store? Because there's nobody around and I'm assuming all of Stars Hollow would have gathered the second the tape and chalk went up. Cardigan Man frantically looks around.

Sookie rushes into Fran's bakery and apologizes for being late to the meeting. Lorelai says that Sookie's two cakes and a rum ball late. Sookie explains that she was late because she was working. You know, at the job Lorelai pays her to do, unlike this meeting where she's probably not getting paid because it's not at the Inn. Sookie explains that she had to make a different glaze for tonight's dessert because a lot of locals come every week for this particular dessert and she didn't want to give them the same thing again. Lorelai tells Sookie that her attention to detail and perfectionist personality are what make her such a genius -- a "maestro." Fran walks over and Lorelai asks if they may talk to her for a couple of minutes. I don't understand, since Lorelai just said at the Inn that she was going to set up this meeting with Fran, but whatever. Fran sits down and says she can spare a couple of minutes. She complains about her hip and her angina and I'm giggling because anything ending in the sound "gina" makes me laugh. Cragina. Kakigina. West Virginia. (It's close enough.) Lorelai is wearing a very ugly gold tuxedo shirt with ruffles. Fran is wearing an equally ugly purple cowboy blouse. Lorelai reminds Fran that she owns The Dragonfly. Fran says that it was her parents' business. She says it used to be so nice, but it's in such disarray now. Lorelai beams and sounds like she's solved all of Fran's problems as she tells her that they want to buy the property from her and fix it up and make their own inn. Fran says she's surprised. She tells Lorelai that she's going to be so successful, but she's not going to sell the property. She has no siblings or children, and that place is the only family she has. She's the last Westin left, so she plans on owning it "forever." Sookie and Lorelai comment on how long "forever" is. Fran apologizes. This launches the incredibly long "Ask if she'll will it to us without actually mentioning that she's eventually going to die" bit. Lorelai and Sookie try to get her to leave them the inn when she takes her "long vacation," while Fran pretends she has no idea what they're talking about because she's owning the inn "forever." I'll spare you. It's crazy long and doesn't improve with time. Fran doesn't budge, and Lorelai and Sookie pout until Fran offers to bring them some cupcakes.

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