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The Lorelais' First Day At Yale

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But What About The Mattress?!

Leaving for the second time, Lorelai has her arm around Rory and tells her to call if she needs anything else. Rory says she has enough, including things she doesn't need, like a disco ball. Lorelai points out that Rory can't have her much-anticipated Salute To Barry White night without a disco ball. It's true, that dorm room is big enough to host a gigantic dance party. Lorelai tells Rory that Luke's already out in the truck. She again tells Rory to learn a lot of stuff and be a frequent visitor. They hug again. "Ciao, baby," Lorelai says. They part. Rory dawdles for a second, and then wanders back to her gigantic dorm room. She shuts the door and stands in the empty common room for a second. She walks over to her own bedroom and shuts the door. She looks lost and bummed out. She sits on the bed, rubs her hands, looks around, and sighs.

On the drive back to Stars Hollow (he and Lorelai are already there, by the way), Luke is deep in a story about lugging furniture with Chip. He uses the word "like" so many times that Lorelai interrupts him to ask if he will "like, get over this." Because a conversation more than five minutes long that doesn't have her in the subject is way too boring to finish. Her pager goes off. It's Rory. "Come back" is all it says. With a dozen exclamation points. Luke has just pulled up in front of the diner. Is she seriously just going to turn around and drive back? And not make a phone call on her cell phone telling Rory that she's got to be a big girl now and be at college? She tells Luke she has to borrow the truck. Luke tells her to take her own car, which she should do (and isn't it hard to believe the Jeep isn't a stick?), but she says it'll "take too long" to walk back to her house from Luke's (a walk she already makes seven times a day). She says she's also out of gas and the Jeep has been making weird noises and probably won't make it all the way to Yale. Luke says he needs his truck. "I need it more!" Lorelai whines. Luke says she's had it all day. "Don't you care about Rory?" Lorelai shouts. "Of course I care about Rory!" Luke says. He sighs and tells her to have the car back by 7. It's got to be about 6 by now. If not 7. Lorelai thanks him and immediately accidentally pops the car into Reverse. She drives off.

Teleportation! Rory is still sitting on the edge of her mattress when Lorelai opens the door. "Rory?" she asks, and Rory runs into her mother's arms: "Look at this! Look at this! Four hours at Yale and I'm already homesick." I can't believe she didn't start looking at her books or going to the library. And four hours? What time is it? Rory says the only thing she could think the second Lorelai left was "I want my mommy." She says she hasn't thought that since she was two. Lorelai says that's natural. I spent my first night alone in my dorm crying and writing bad poetry as the girls in my hall got together to watch A Fish Called Wanda on the smallest television in the world. Rory says she's eighteen, and can sign contracts, vote, and fight for her country: "I'm an adult. Adults don't want their mommies." Rory says she's never shared a bathroom with someone other than Lorelai before, and she doesn't know how she's going to make small talk with these people in the bathroom. "'Gee, your hair smells terrific!'?" Lorelai offers. I know most of you aren't old enough to know that's the name of a shampoo. Rory says that she is such a Mama's girl. She should hate her mother and be happy to be away from her. She says it'll be hard to be the next Christiane Amanpour broadcasting live from a foxhole in Tehran with her mommy. She says that Lorelai will have to learn how to operate a camera. "I would do that," Lorelai says. We know. Rory can't believe she ended up at Yale and not Harvard. She says that Emily and Richard manipulated her into going to Yale. She says she knows nothing about Yale. Lorelai points out that Rory has memorized its history already. Rory accuses Lorelai of being so happy to leave Rory here, and claims that Lorelai couldn't get out fast enough: "What were you doing when I paged you? Turning my room into a sewing room?" That happened to a boyfriend of mine. My room got turned into the computer room, which it still is. "I should hate you, not miss you. Do something to make me hate you." Lorelai tries: "Go, Hitler!" Rory points out that in her student ID, she's blinking, and her head is in a funny place: "I look like Keith Richards at Altamont." And her name is Ronny Gilmore. But at least now she'll get to take another ID photo. Rory calls herself a "big, fat, stinkin' Mama's girl." Then she wails, "Mom!" and falls into Lorelai's arms again. Lorelai says she's here, and that it's not written anywhere that Lorelai can't be there. She'll leave whenever Rory wants. Rory asks if Lorelai can stay for dinner. Lorelai says she can stay all night. Luke's truck shouts, "Girl, I don't think so!" Rory says that Lorelai can't stay all night. "Why not?" Lorelai asks. Rory says that everyone would know she's the pathetic freak who needs her mommy to spend the night on the first night and she doesn't want everyone to tease her. Good point, Rory. Hope you remember that. Lorelai says she won't stay the night. "No, stay the night!" Rory whines. They hug again. I guess Rory's dorm doesn't have curfew. Or rules. Or boundaries.

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