Gilmore Girls
The Lorelais' First Day At Yale

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But What About The Mattress?!

Paris tells Tana that she thinks it's good to be adopted. That way if Tana gets sick of this set, she can always dump them and go find the originals.

The girl who was teasing Rory in line for the IDs is suddenly Rory's best friend. "This is awesome," she says. Rory thanks her. "Who did all this?" she asks. Rory says it's the woman with the hairbrush.

Lorelai is trying to get the girls to sing "You Can't Hurry Love." Rory can't help laughing at her wonderful mother, who isn't making anyone feel weird at all. Huh.

Paris is on the phone while Rory gets ready for bed. Paris says the room is lacking in storage space, but she's accepted that. And it's a bit musty, but she's accepted it. It's small, small, small, but she's accepted it. She tells Jamie that Terrence is back in his room, and that there's no possibility they could get together. After she hangs up, Rory asks whether Jamie has met Terrence. Paris says he hasn't, and he's not going to as long as she can help it. Lorelai comes in and brags that she fixed their shower head. Lorelai, it's really time to go home, honey. It's getting a little sad, isn't it? Paris leaves to go shower. Rory tells Lorelai to sleep on the new mattress. Lorelai says that Rory needs to break in her new mattress, so that her shorter body won't be flailing in the larger hole that Lorelai's body would make in that first crucial night of the mattress. Rory takes the new mattress, and says that if Lorelai freaks out about her microbe mattress, she can join her in the middle of the night. Lorelai says they'd totally be the talk of the campus then, those dirty, filthy, almost French Stars Hollow girls who sleep together in mattresses filled with insects and disease. "Oh, we spit on you, you repressed, Puritanical ninnies!" Rory and Lorelai speak in their French accents for a while. Lorelai turns off one of the lights and they flop into their mattresses. Lorelai tells Rory she found good coffee in the kiosk by the library. Oh. The one library that Yale has? Uh huh. She says she'll circle it on the map. There's the sound of one boy howling, suddenly. And because Lorelai is so excited to be starting college, her first night away from home, she howls back. "Mom!" Rory says, her hand out in outrage and embarrassment. Lorelai is sometimes a little like a drunk mom, isn't she? Lorelai's howling only got other guys howling, so she howls again. She tells Rory it's fun, so Rory starts howling, too. She agrees it's fun, so the girls howl and howl until they fall into giggles.

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Gilmore Girls




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