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The Nanny And The Professor

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Lorelai Gets Laid

Outside, Digger asks if Michel and Sookie know who he is. Lorelai says they do. Digger compliments the place and says that Lorelai seems a little distracted. Lorelai says she heard he went to a function with another woman. Digger says he did. Lorelai: "My mother said she didn't wear any underwear." Digger: "Emily didn't wear underwear?" Hee. Her name is Crystal! Lorelai: "Who are you, Hugh Hefner?" Digger says he has to bring this stupid girl to these stupid functions because Lorelai doesn't want to tell her parents that she's dating Digger, and he can't go stag to these events. Lorelai is wearing too much eye makeup. She's also wearing her fourth scarf this episode. Digger asks if they can tell her parents so that these things won't happen. Lorelai pouts. Digger says he has no interest in spending a second of his time with any other woman but Lorelai, and Eartha Kitt. "Well, sure," Lorelai says. She tells Digger she doesn't want to tell her parents yet, so she'll adjust to this whole Crystal thing. Digger says it's great for her, since she doesn't have to talk to Crystal. Lorelai flirts, and asks if he'd like to see the apple trees. "She thinks that Babe really can talk!" he says of Crystal.

A girl who isn't Paris storms into Rory's contemporary fiction class, late and hurried, and not played by me. The girl swears that this semester she was going to do everything on time. She'd come to class, do her homework, and turn in her assignments on time. She gasps. "I left my purse on the bench!" and runs off, bumping into Michael York. He sees Rory and says he's glad she's taking this class. He says it seems very natural, since they have someone very important in common: "Your grandfather! Good man." Michael York begins teaching. Rory seems upset. Maybe because she can see long Paris hairs hanging from his lapel.

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