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Lorelai Gets Laid

"Hi," Tobin says. "And I'm high around this little thing." Michel is livid, and says he knows he's being Punk'd right now. Tobin is back in town, and is currently Davey's nanny, until something more permanent comes along. Tobin gives us a summary of what he's been up to since the five minutes we've seen him previously. It involves moving to Utah and being a Mormon and then giving all of that up because of the strict rules. Tobin suggests that the little cookie-pancake things Sookie just made would be perfect for breakfast. Sookie and Lorelai treat Tobin like an idea genius, and Michel is furious. Davey starts yelling, prompting Tobin to conclude that Michel's voice hits a pitch that is painful for Davey's ears. "Michel hates babies," Sookie tells Tobin. Michel screams that he does not hate babies. Lorelai says that babies hate Michel. Michel says that they have a limited time together, the three of them, and that Tobin keeps cutting in on their meeting time. Tobin says he's not cutting in. The baby is an extension of Sookie, and for now he's an extension of the baby. He says they joked earlier today that "the baby has a meeting today." Tobin gasps and pulls out the same strip of molding. "I love this!" Lorelai shouts, "We do, too!" Sookie leaves to get Tobin his own cup of tea. Tobin and Michel shoot each other evil looks.

Friday-night dinner. Lorelai can't believe that even Richard and Emily knew about culs de sac. (My spell check doesn't.) Lorelai says that probably Mariah Carey doesn't know the plural of "cul de sac." Richard can't believe nobody has ever corrected Lorelai's mistake. Hey, I got a question. When the hell would you say "culs de sac," anyway? "I've lived in many houses, all built on on culs de sac." Lorelai says she will never let this go.

Rory asks for dessert. Emily says that she and Richard brought a special surprise for dessert from Switzerland, and that they must all go to the living room to enjoy it. So the girls gleefully skip into the living room, assuming they're getting some lovely Swiss chocolate. But no. It's marzipan. I have never had marzipan, so I ask Stee what it tastes like. He immediately winces, and goes, "Like a chewy...tree." So there you go. This is the man who loves candy so much that he has an Ozzy-style candy drawer. Lorelai -- who never learned the words "thank you" -- complains that she was hoping for chocolate. ["I might not thank someone who gave me marzipan, either. It's nasty. I'd say it tastes more like a big dried-up lump of paste." -- Wing Chun] There is much discussion over marzipan. Lorelai says she won't even try it. Rory says she will. (She must get her manners from her father.) Richard says that the one shaped like a pig was for her, and the bunny was for Lorelai. Lorelai melts when she finds out that someone bought her something shaped like a bunny, and decides to try the candy. She must try it annoyingly, though, and whines, "I wanna bunny! Give me a bunny!" Rory is pouting through her pig, and looks over at Lorelai. Luckily the doorbell rings, so Richard and Emily don't see Lorelai recoil in horror at the food in her mouth. Richard says it's probably Jason, dropping something off on his way back from the airport. Emily isn't happy that Digger has popped in during the dinner hour, but Richard says that Digger's probably exhausted, since a flight from Australia is taxing.

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