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Lorelai Gets Laid

Emily's. There are other people arriving with Lorelai. Someone asks Lorelai how much longer it's going on. A woman asks Lorelai for her ticket and says she can't take the tour without the ticket. Emily says that this is her daughter, and lets her in. Lorelai is wearing a killer dress. My goodness, I wish I had this show's wardrobe. Emily explains that the historical society is using the house for a walking tour, and that the money goes for a good cause. She raises the red velvet rope in front of the dining room so that Lorelai can join Richard and Rory at the dinner table. Richard is fuming, because the tour was supposed to end two hours ago. He says that the Society shouldn't be infringing on the Gilmores' lives. A tourist coos that they hired actors hired to play the family. Richard shouts that they are not actors. The guide pulls the onlookers away. Emily tells Richard to ignore them and pass the carrots. Hey, remember when they were in a huge fight, last episode? I guess that all got cleared up. Wonderful. Richard says he feels like he's in a zoo. Lorelai reminds him of what monkeys do when they don't like people staring at them in zoos. Richard doesn't know what that would be, and Emily tells him not to ask, even though she doesn't know what the answer is either. Someone plays the piano, even though there's a sign saying not to. Richard leaves the table to go correct the tour guide on the house's history. Emily leaves. Lorelai congratulates Rory on making the paper. She says that Rory needs to get a nickname like "Smitty" and start talking really fast. "Faster than I already do?" Rory asks. Richard and Emily come back to the table, bickering. They end up discussing a function they went to last night, and mention that Digger brought some braless floozy with him. Time has passed, you see. Lorelai is upset. Rory and Lorelai stare at each other. Emily says that because of Digger's date, she now knows all the places to get her acrylics filled. Hee. Richard calls Emily a snob, and says that Digger's date was a beautiful woman. Emily says she's perfect for Digger: "She looks like exactly the kind of gold-digger who would latch on to an immature little con artist like Jason." Richard, and the rest of us, ask Emily to tell us how she really feels. Lorelai asks whether Digger is serious about this girl. Emily says she looks like a perfectly good first wife for him.

The Dragonfly. It's still under construction. Michel wants to know where his office would be. Lorelai says that Fonzie used the bathroom. Michel corrects her, and says he never used the bathroom only intermittently, and not for any business for which was paid. He had an office at the auto shop where he worked, and had access to the teacher's lounge, where he taught night school. Lorelai tells Michel that he's taking this Fonzie thing way too seriously. Digger shows up and asks if he can talk with Lorelai. He's briefly introduced to Michel and Sookie, who appear to approve, even though they should be mad because Lorelai certainly told them about the other woman.

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