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Rory's A Material Girl

Lorelai's at home, watching The Daily Show, so it's late, unless Lorelai's got TiVo. She calls Emily's house and gets an English-speaking woman on the phone. You'd think with Lorelai's life of growing up around maids, she'd have picked up enough to converse in a few languages. Anyway, Emily is on the phone. Lorelai asks to talk to both her and Richard on the speakerphone for a minute. Emily and Richard teleport to the study. Lorelai says she wanted to touch base about the party for Rory tonight. Emily says that it was for Yale alumni, and not for Rory. Lorelai says she knows that was a trick, and that she thinks it was mean to lie to Rory for this mating ritual. Emily and Richard say that Rory's in a new phase of her life and needs to be exposed to new people. Lorelai says that Rory has a boyfriend, so she doesn't need a new one. Richard says that Rory is twenty, and that Dean isn't going to be her boyfriend forever. Emily says that when Rory is ready to move on, she'll have met someone to start her new phase with. Richard says that Dean may be a nice young man, but that he's not good enough for Rory. Do we have to have this scene in every episode, bouncing back and forth from Rory to Lorelai? Richard says that Lorelai isn't doing her job in this department, so they stepped in. Lorelai tells them to step out again, since it's none of their business. Emily says she's tired, and that the caterers have caked the floor with something sticky, so she doesn't have time for this. She says it's too late for Lorelai, but it's not too late for Rory, so they're going to make sure Rory gets the life she deserves. Lorelai says it doesn't matter what they think about her, but that Rory will choose her own life. Rory's going to choose the life that includes having everyone take care of her constantly, it seems. Emily and Lorelai hang up on each other.

It's a brand-new strummy-strummy for a brand new Rory, who falls out of a limo filled with drunk boys. She's still wearing $500,000 worth of diamonds as she stumbles around in her yard, filled with booze, not a tear in sight, clearly happy with her new phase as rich party skank. Lorelai watches from the living-room window, clearly disappointed in how quickly her daughter is swimming to the shallow end.

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