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Rory's A Material Girl

When will the opening credits roll? Lorelai and Rory totter out of Emily's house, packed with food. "Gramma's mean," Rory moans. Lorelai says that if it flew, swam, or crawled on this earth, they just ate it. Lorelai then gives Rory a mean pinch so hard that Rory practically screams. Do you think Lorelai really pinched her that hard, or that Rory's a big baby? Because at this point, either of those things is possible. I wouldn't have thought that two years ago, but Anyway, Rory moans and whines that her arm is practically falling off from the pain as Lorelai bitches Rory out for ruining the save Lorelai had given her about Dean. I love how they're not worried that Emily will hear them talk right outside her front door. Rory says she's not going to lie to Emily about Dean, or anyone for that matter, because she's WITH DEAN. Kind of. A little. Got it? Lorelai walks away, commenting that she's hungry.

Emily knocks on Richard's door. "We need to talk," she says as she walks in. Fade to opening credits.

Luke's. Lane tells Luke that the man at table three wants to send an orange juice to the woman at table four. "As long as he's paying," Luke says. He leans into Liz's face and says, "If someone who wants to eat comes in here..." Liz says she'll leave her counter seat if that happens. Lorelai walks in and says hello. Quite loudly, Lane announces that there's a potential hook-up at table four. Lorelai says that diner romances give new meaning to the term "over easy." So does Rory. Hello! Lorelai and Liz give each other a hug that looks like they're kind of pushing each other away. Liz says she just cruised in. She tells Lorelai she's really jazzed about the Luke and Lorelai thing, and that she wants "private details." So that's how it is in their family. Luke tells Lorelai not to tell his sister anything. Lorelai asks if that means she can't tell Liz about Luke's Canadian Mountie hat.

Liz tells Lorelai that she and T.J. are thinking about buying a winter home in Stars Hollow. NO! That means wintertime Jess! Luke wants his sister to move to Stars Hollow even less than I do. Liz says that some of the stores around Stars Hollow will sell her jewelry on consignment. Well, that ought to be enough cash to pay the mortgage, huh? How much do turquoise earrings net you these days? Liz asks Lorelai how much she paid for her house. Why not ask the girl's weight and age, while you're at it, Liz? Luke tells his sister she can't ask people questions like that, and instructs Lorelai not to answer it. He tells Liz she doesn't want to live in Stars Hollow, and that it's too quiet for her. Liz says she likes quiet. Luke: "You do not like quiet. T.J. does not like quiet. He likes monster trucks and baboons that get really mad at the zoo." Liz says that's true. Lorelai tells Luke he'll like living so close to his family. Luke remarks on how well that's been going for Lorelai.

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