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Rory's A Material Girl

Yale cafeteria. Rory is going on about some paper nobody cares about. Paris is too busy realizing that all the old professors are checking her out, because she now has a reputation as an oldie-lover. Professor Prady is currently giving her the hey-now: "You sleep with one old guy, and suddenly you're Catherine Zeta-Jones." Rory's phone rings, and then my phone rings and it's really strange for a few seconds when I think that perhaps Emily has called me to ask that I put on decent clothes before I recap. Maybe the pajamas, but could I at least put on a bra? Sufficiently self-guilt tripped, I do just that. My phone call was from Stee on his bachelor party weekend. I think he hid in the back to call me so that he wasn't teased. I told him that he's not supposed to call me. "Hey, text me when the couch arrives, would you?" Emily and Richard have called Rory from Richard's office, on his speakerphone. They tell her that they're throwing a Yale alumni party this Friday night, so while that means that Rory and Lorelai won't be having a Friday-night dinner, it also means that they'd love Rory to come and meet some of their friends. They beg Rory to come so that they can get their "weekly Rory fix." They promise she won't have chicken or steak-on-a-stick. Then they both fake-laugh. ["The unison fake laugh may have been my favourite part of this episode." -- Wing Chun] But what about Rory's new club? Rory says she'd love to come, and asks if it's fancy. They tell her to wear a pretty little dress and bring her face. Emily asks her to come an hour early. Rory hangs up. Paris asks what's going on. Rory tells her that her grandparents are having a party. Paris bolts from the table because of the sex-daggers thrown at her from another old guy who just doddered in.

I've never seen One Tree Hill, but every single promo has a brawl in it.

Luke's. Lane feeds Lane 2.0 a giant helping of chili cheese fries. That girl's skin is going to be very angry for the rest of the week. Lane 2.0 leans forward to pray. Lane tells her that she doesn't have to thank God every single time she gets served food, and that God gets it with, like, just a blanket thank-you. MfTL walks in and tells Lane that they got free passes to a band this weekend. Lane shouts her excitement. MfTL tells her that all they have to do is carry in all the equipment, and they get to see the show for free. Um.... Lane leaps into mfTL's arms and squeals. Dude, Lane, people are trying to eat. MfTL asks Lane if she's free for dinner that night. Lane says they'll discuss it when she gets home. He leaves.

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