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All Dressed In...Blush?

Somewhere...else, Luke knocks on the front door of a house. "Hello, stranger," says the woman who answers the door, and we see that it is none other than Sherilyn Fenn who is playing Anna Nardini, Luke's long-forgotten lover and mother to the Secret Child, pawn of the worst plot device ever forced upon this show. ["That girl gets around; she was also Jess's kind-of stepmother. And didn't that character have some super-smart kid too? Your spin-off failed, Palladinos; quit trying to shoehorn all that stuff in over here." -- Wing Chun] Luke and Anna exchange hellos, and Anna invites him in to her creatively-decorated house ["also reminiscent of her last appearance on the show, hello" -- Wing Chun] which is doubles as a store or warehouse or something for all the stuff she sells. "Clothes, pillows, candles, fabrics," she lists. "It's one of those 'everything' kind of boutiques that used to send you into a 'what do people need with all this crap?' kind of rant." Luke says, "Oh, yeah," kind of shamefacedly, and they have more awkward conversation. I get the Sherilyn Fenn choice and I see that all this wacky junk in her house makes her, like, the pre-Lorelai. If they flog us with this for the rest of the season -- some kind of "Luke was in love with her but that was before he knew what he wanted so now he is in love with Lorelai who is just like her and isn't it too bad that he didn't figure it out soon enough with Anna so they could have been a family together way back then," I will throw my laptop in the trash.

Luke finally gets to the point: "How come you didn't tell me? It was a phone call." Now, here's the thing: when April came in and pulled his hair for his DNA, didn't she say it was between him and two other men? Wasn't the implication that Anna didn't even really know who the father was? And, if so, why should she be made to make apologize for not calling him? "I knew how you felt about kids," Anna replies, adding that she knows he hates them. He's incredulous and denies it. She lists out all the ways he hated kids -- how they couldn't go to the movies before 10 PM or eat at a family restaurant, all because of his hatred of kids. "Okay, fine," he says. "I hated kids, but I'm not that guy anymore." He says he wouldn't have been that way with his own kid, and in any case, he had a right to know. She apologizes, but says that she didn't need him to pay for stuff or take care of things: "It was not my idea for April to call you." She goes on about how smart April is. She's already written a short novel, and has her own website, and is really driven. She wanted to win the science fair so badly that she went through her mom's stuff putting the pieces together. Luke says he just wants to live up to his end of the bargain. Anna says that he doesn't owe them anything, and that they don't need anything, but that if he feels like he wants to chip in, that's fine. He's pleased that she's agreed, and says he'll get going. "Hey, Luke," she says, as she walks him to the door. "Are you happy?" He says he is. "Me, too," she says. "It's pretty cool, isn't it?" He agrees that it is, and leaves.

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