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Rory arrives back at her apartment to find Logan waiting outside her door. "It's a nice place you got here," he says. "I've been discussing the actual baking soda to actual crack ratio you can get away with with your neighbors downstairs. Two to one during the daylight; three to one at night." Rory ignores him completely and goes through the door-opening routine. "This place is a dump, Rory," he says. "You can't live here." Finally, she cracks and says that he cannot have an opinion on her living arrangements, seeing as how he broke up with her through his sister. "You're a coward," she says. "Mr. Life and Death Brigade can't even break up with his girlfriend." He says he didn't mean for it to happen that way, but Rory says that if Logan can't handle the drama of a relationship, he should never be in one. "Which, by the way," she finishes, "you're not. So, everything's good." He says it's not that easy, but she says it is and tells him to go away. "I thought that I wanted to break up," he says. "I thought that it was a stupid experiment, me trying to be your boyfriend, and that it didn't work and I'd just move on." See, yes. That is exactly what happened. Good recap, Logan. Now, please be gone forever. Aw, dang, except that he's now saying he wasn't able to move on. Because, guess why? "Rory," he says, "I love you." Ugh! I have to hand it to Alexis Bledel, here, because she's spent the whole scene struggling with her books and trying to get the door open and she responds to his declaration with nothing but frustration. "I have an appointment," she says, jerking her door open. "I have to go!" Awesome.

We next see Rory in the counselor's office. She apologizes for being late, and says she had to reschedule previous appointments in order to spend time with her mom. "We were apart for a little while," she says, which causes the close-talking analyst to ask if they had a falling-out. Rory says that it was no big deal, but the therapist pushes right in to the issues at hand. He asks her to describe the legal problems and the boat-stealing. Rory's very uncomfortable and defensive, saying that it happened because she was upset about "life and stuff" and is sick of talking about it. "So I spent a night in jail," she says. "Big deal! So did Martin Luther King!" Uhh...the doc asks if she is comparing herself with MLK, and she says she's not and that, yes, she was arrested with her boyfriend who, by the way, is now not at all her boyfriend. "We broke up," she says. "No, I'm sorry. HE broke up. I thought we were just taking some time, but apparently, I'm a moron!" Now, to be honest Rory, yes, you were. "This is Logan?" the doctor asks looking at her file. She is mad that he the doctor knows his name, and asks if he also has picture of him in there, hijacking her in her hallway. The doctor is alarmed, because Rory's beginning to wig. "He shows up out of the blue!" she says. "Saying, 'you can't live here; this place is a dump. And by the way, I love you.' 'I LOVE YOU'?! Is he serious?" The poor doc says he doesn't know. Rory starts crying. "Nothing, for weeks!" she says, waving her arms around. "And then he just decides that he loves me? So, what happens now? I get another Birkin bag?" Let's hope so, girlie. If you do, you could then sell them both on eBay and use the money to put a down payment on a house. "And how long until he doesn't love me again, huh?" she goes on, grabbing the tissues out of the doc's hands to deal with her hysterical crying. "I stole a boat with him!" she wails. "I never stole a boat with Dean!" The doctor asks who Dean is, and Rory explains that Dean is her "married ex-boyfriend who I lost my virginity to!" Doc: "Wow..." Rory: "Yeah, I'm a treat." The Bledel is brilliant in this scene, it must be said. "I don't know what I'm gonna do," she says. "I don't think I can take running into him every day, in the halls and at the paper and at the coffee cart!" A horrifying idea occurs to her: "Oh my God! I'm going to have to quit drinking coffee! And I love coffee!" She breaks down into sobs at this, and the doctor can hardly take it. "I really," she insists, "love coffee."

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