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All Dressed In...Blush?

Luke is at his place, staring at the phone, and talks himself into calling Anna. She is at home, having a "major pillow emergency." Now, see, either the writers of this show can only write one kind of woman, or they are trying to beat us down with how quirky and Lorelai-like this Anna character is, and I'm telling you, I am mad about it! Luke is calling, of course, because after looking at April's website, he realized he wants to be a regular part of her life. He's mad that Anna never mentioned that April wore a back brace at some point, but Anna explains that April had just read Deenie, and that it was a phase. Luke says he still felt like he should have known about April from the beginning, and that she had his nose. "There's no one else running around with my nose," he says, prompting Anna to crack, "That you know of." Good one, Anna. Finally, Luke blurts out that he wants contact, and that he wants to know his own daughter, and that he wants her to know him. Anna agrees, and says that if it's all right with April, it's okay with her. Luke makes plans to call back and talk to April. Before he hangs up, he asks what Deenie is. "It's a book, Luke," she says. "And now would probably be a good time for you to read it."

Moments later, we see Luke using his key to walk into Lorelai's. He calls her to come down, saying that he wants to talk to her about something, and she says she will, but that she's coming down in her wedding dress. He tries to stop her, using the old "bad luck" thing, and she insists that she needs him to see it, because something must be wrong with it, since it was all too easy. She comes floating down. Now, there's been a lot of dress bashing all over the internet ["mine was only oral, not written!" -- Wing Chun], but when she comes down in it, I think she looks lovely. There's something very Lorelai about it, I don't know, the shabby-chicness of the tulle and the sash...I think it works. The veil is a bit too pretty-pretty, but Lauren Graham could pull off a potato sack, so honestly, she looks beautiful. Luke looks overwhelmed and in love, and tells her she's perfect. They kiss and she runs back up to change, leaving him to sigh, his secret still untold.

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