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All Dressed In...Blush?

Luke says he's going to go and make the girls some burgers, but they have to stop him. Apparently, as they were boozing down the street, they came face to face with his doppelganger. "So, we followed him," Rory says. Lorelai goes on to say that he went into some grungy place and went backstage. "Because he's in the biz," Rory adds, excited. They tell how they cornered him and begged to take his picture so that they could bring it back and show Luke, which they now do. "Luke, I want you to meet Derrick McKinney, your twin separated at birth." They present the picture, and Luke is less than thrilled. "This is a man dressed like Dolly Parton," he says, as the ladies laugh. "You should hear him do 'Jolene,'" Rory says. "Amazing!" Luke sighs. "You think I look like a guy dressed like Dolly Parton?" Lorelai: "Well, maybe a little less with the makeup, but check out the chins!" Har har. Not amused, Luke goes to make the burgers. "He missed us," Lorelai laughs to Rory. This scene is cute and all but damn, these women are so strongly afflicted with a disorder I call "the chattin' blabs" (or sometimes, "the blabbin' chats," it works either way) that I want to drown the TV. I know it's this show's schtick, but here it's schtick for schtick's sake, and it's on my nerves.

Post-commercial, Rory is packing up her car for her triumphant return to Yale when she discovers that she forgot to turn her community-service vest back in. She wigs, saying that since the vest belongs to the state and now that she's stolen state property, they'll give her community service for stealing her community-service vest. Now, remember how I was just saying up there that the pointless yammering gets on my nerves? Please apply to this scene. Also, something crazy is happening here with the lighting, or something. Or for some reason they had to come back and pick up one of the actresses, because the camera cuts back and forth in close-up like they aren't even in the scene together and the lighting is totally different on each of them. Anyway, Lorelai says that she'll turn in the vest for her, and asks what Rory's plan is. She's just going to head straight to Paris's apartment, she says. "I can't believe you're going to live with Paris again," Lorelai says, but Rory defends her choice: Paris and Doyle have an empty room and the price and location are right. She says it's either that or an empty box. "Okay," Lorelai snarks, "but how big an empty box?" Rory ignores this, saying that she also has to rush to campus and beg for spots in a few classes for which she is on the waiting list. She says she has to add two courses to her schedule to make up for all the work she missed. Lorelai says that Rory doesn't have to make up for everything right away, but Rory insists that she does if she wants to graduate on her original track.

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