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Rory says that she also has to buy books and meet with the dean, and "oh, of course, I have a meeting with the school psychologist." This is new and alarming news to Lorelai. Rory says that she told Lorelai that every student who takes unexpected time off has to meet with a counselor when he or she returns. Lorelai insists that Rory had not told her any of this: "I would have remembered if you told me you had to have your head shrunk." Nice, Lorelai. Sure, no driven hypersmart child who suddenly starts committing felonies and dropping out of school needs therapy. I know your treatment would involve shopping and coffee, but maybe, just maybe, that isn't going to be enough. Rory says it's just a formality that the school requires. "You know they're totally going to ask you about me," Lorelai says. Rory is confused as to why her counseling would now be all about her mother, but Lorelai explains that therapists always want to talk about the patient's mother: "Say whatever you want, but make sure you start with 'my mother's very hot.'" Rory sighs. "Sure," she says. "That won't seem at all disturbing to the doctor."

Rory finishes packing, and they get sad about having to separate, though we learn that Lorelai is coming to visit in three days. "With our stupid fight," she says, "I got cheated this year." They hug, and Lorelai calls for Paul Anka to come and say goodbye. When he doesn't show, Lorelai brags that she guesses he doesn't like Rory better than he likes Lorelai. "Fickle pooch," Rory says, and before they can slander him further, they see that Paul Anka has sneaked into Rory's car. "Oh," Lorelai says, "you put bacon in your laundry." Rory says it's just that a dog never forgets his first sugar-toe, and she heads off to school.

Later, at the diner, Lorelai and Sookie are sitting at a table covered in wedding magazines and notebooks. Sookie asks what Lorelai's initial thoughts are about her wedding. "Well," she answers, "it should be legal." Sookie says that's a good start, and dives right into the browbeating. Does Lorelai want a wedding in the town square? Maybe in the gazebo. Lorelai answers this with an emphatic "gazeblah." Which is weird, isn't it? I mean, doesn't she love the town? How about a church wedding? Sookie asks. And here is where I expect the biggest snark to roll out, because hasn't it been made ridiculously clear that Lorelai has pretty much hardly ever been in a church? To my surprise, her face lights up and she says "maybe." Sookie then manically suggests a beach wedding. "No shoes," she sings. "Luke can wear shorts!" Lorelai says no, "but I want to be with you when you pitch the shorts idea to Luke." Not beaten, Sookie says that they should move on to the dress: "Any thoughts?" Lorelai takes a big breath and states that "there should be one." Poor Sookie. "Okay," she says. "Doin' great here."

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