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All Dressed In...Blush?

Anyway. Sorry. Paris is just getting around to telling Rory about the hot water in the bathroom when the bedroom door is thrown open and Doyle leaps out, tackling Paris to the floor. "AHA!" he yells. "You let your guard down, Gellar, and I did it. I got the best of you." Pinned, Paris counters that she was giving a tour. Doyle demands that she admit defeat, and she refuses, calling for a rematch. "Challenge accepted," he says, and they jump up. As they put on pads and helmets, they explain to the stunned Rory that when they moved into this neighborhood, they figured it would be a good idea to take some self-defense classes. "Krav Maga," Doyle says. "Official self-defense hand-to-hand combat style of Israel." Man, Doyle is awesome. Rory says "oh," looking like she wants to back away slowly, as they continue. "Krav Maga is not about being a tough guy or fighting in a ring," Doyle says. "It's about going home alive, no matter what." Paris adds that it's also a rush, and they go at it, pads on. Paris gets Doyle in a headlock. "Steinbeck! Steinbeck!" he yells, and she pauses. "That's not your safety word," she counters, and he takes the advantage, knocking her to the floor. The fighting is just awesome, by the way. Seriously, I want to get some pads and go kick my husband's ass right now. Rory tries to insert that she's going to go bring in the rest of her stuff, but Paris and Doyle are too into the fighting. "You've been practicing behind my back," Paris yells, and as she throws another punch adds, "I love you."

On the street of...somewhere, Lorelai and Sookie are wandering around looking for the wedding invitations store. They can't find it, and when they stop to look around, they realize that they're standing in front of a bridal salon. Sookie insists that they go in, but Lorelai is afraid the clerks will look at them funny. Sookie sings that they won't, because Lorelai has the "golden ticket" on her hand. They go in and are immediately overwhelmed by all the white dresses. Sookie grabs the grossest one off the rack and begs Lorelai to try it on. It is a wretched mess of appliqué. "I think that's the one Divine turned down for being too over-the-top," Lorelai responds, and I am vividly reminded of when I got engaged and Pamie came to visit and we tried on The World's Ugliest Wedding Gowns, including, I swear to you, the one Sookie just picked up. So many ass bows, you would not believe it. And then we almost got kicked out when I refused to try on a veil, but made Pam wear a tiara that gave her a really startling resemblance to Glinda the Good Witch. I'd pay so much money to have pictures of that day, but we were too scared to take any.

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