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All Dressed In...Blush?

Lorelai and Sookie don't have time for such shenanigans, anyway, because across the room, Lorelai has seen it. Her perfect dress. Stunned, she drifts toward it. "I don't believe it," she says. "I just turned around and there it is, the perfect dress." Sookie checks the tag and says it's her size. "The perfect dress is my size," she says. "That is weird." They shout, looking for someone to help them, when Sookie makes another revelation: the dress is on sale. They are beside themselves with joy. "That's it," Lorelai says. "I'm trying it on." In perhaps a moment of foreshadowing, as we go to commercial and as she undresses the dummy, she tells the headless display to not get the wrong idea: "I'm not looking for anything serious."

At Mrs. Kim's house, Lane is just coming home from work. She's in a mood, and so is Mrs. Kim. "Look," she says, pulling a dish from a cardboard box. "Woman come in here, tell me this is full set of 1950s milk glass. Does she think my mother drop me on my head when I'm a baby?! I know Nigella Lawson when I see it!" Lane sighs and heads upstairs, but her mom wants to talk, and asks how her day went. "I handed people food for six and half hours," she says. "It's every little girl's dream." Aw, Lane. Mrs. Kim tries again, saying she's going to make kim chee dumplings tonight. Lane feels like picking a fight, obviously, so she says she smells like burgers and fries and will have to take a shower, which will take at least forty-five minutes. Mrs. Kim goes far trying to be nice, saying that's fine, and Lane says she's also going to be listening to music: "And it's going to be music you don't approve of. But, I'm twenty-one now, so I'll listen to the music that I like, when I like, and that's just the way it's going to be." With that, she stomps upstairs, leaving Mrs. Kim to regret not taking that Krav Maga class with Paris and Doyle so that she could put some of those techniques to work on Lane right now.

At Yale, Rory is busy trying to wedge her way into the classes she wants to add to her schedule. She stalks one of the professors down, and explains how enthusiastic she is about trying to get into the class. The ass-kissing is awkward and does not get her very far, and I just hate this scene, generally, because it's the beautiful Alexis Bledel speaking in that weird Rory monotone too quickly and too annoyingly. I'm not even over it when she goes around the corner and runs into Logan and his irritating haircut. "I knew you'd have to hit the coffee cart eventually," he smarms, and she walks away, saying nothing. Once again, some training on the best way to deliver a quick knee to the goolies would have come in handy right here. Paris is definitely on to something.

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