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The Reigning Lorelai

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One Down, Two to Go

As Lorelai is near Marilyn, who is telling another Gran story, she watches her parents sharing an embrace in the other room. The strummy-strummy-la-la continues as Lorelai finds Rory alone at a table in the back.

Lorelai asks Rory if she ditched the cousin. Rory says they ran into a sister, and that she couldn't compete. Rory says she's feeling sadder about Gran, which makes her feel less guilty, so things are looking up. Lorelai informs Rory that Lorelai is now the reigning Lorelai, which is a lot of responsibility, what with the declaring of knighthoods and the opening of supermarkets. She tells Rory that someday Rory will be the reigning Lorelai. Rory doesn't like thinking of that, even though she'll get a cape, because it means her mom will be gone. Lorelai promises she won't be gone, and that she'll have only stepped down. Rory is intrigued again, what with the promise of the cape and all.

The next episode in April. ["Oh, sweet. I love you, The WB!" -- Wing Chun] I'll catch you over at Wonderfalls.

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