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At the Yale newspaper room, Doyle is insinuating that Rory is plagiarizing her latest article, due to the use of the common phrases "small band of followers" and "rain-soaked highway." Doyle says that in this post-Stephen Glass world, he'd rather not have Tobey Maguire play him in the movie version of the Yale newspaper scandal, which means he's totally already pictured the script in his head and is hoping one of his grunts slips up. Doyle is fed up with his staff. He looks around the room and sees people working on their Anthropology papers, Xeroxing their phone bills, and looking very well-rested. Nobody spell-checks or fact-checks: "This is the breeding ground for the next Jayson Blair!" Doyle storms away, ordering Rory to tidy up her desk. "And my month is done," says Glenn, sitting at the next desk. Glenn tells Rory that he was Doyle's whipping boy for the past thirty days and he's glad to see it's Rory's turn now. Doyle scolds Rory for using the phrase "herd mentality," and storms off again. "Welcome to the dollhouse," says Glenn with a bit of amusement.

Sookie's. Lorelai and Sookie are trying to work on budgets, but Michel is busy trying to figure out how to record the Westminster Dog Show. He curses his local cable company, which doesn't offer happiness in canine form: "But please enjoy Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle twenty-four hours a day." Michel coos at the Chows until Lorelai and Sookie can't help giggling. Emily calls Lorelai's cell phone to deliver some bad news: Gran passed away last night. It was her heart. It was sudden, and unexpected. Lorelai asks how Richard is doing. Emily says he's completely fallen apart, from the moment they heard the news: "He's been almost incoherent." He's in his office with his Scotch, muttering about wanting some "turtleneck soup," something Gran used to make him. Emily's jacket matches the little sugar bowl/urn thing in front of her. It's distracting. Michel walks back to the table, talking. Sookie tries to get him to hush, quietly mouthing that Lorelai's grandmother has passed away. But Michel reads lips about as well as Kirk does, and eventually Lorelai just tells him, "Dead grandmother, Michel." Lorelai suggests that Emily Google "turtleneck soup." Emily gets a great line: "Can I? Can I Google it?" Lorelai asks Sookie about it, and Sookie quickly deduces that he probably means "mock turtle soup." Sookie is pretty sure she has a recipe for it somewhere, even though she's never tried to make it. The sugar bowl/urn has moved to the other side of the table at Emily's. Lorelai says she'll tell Rory, and will be there soon with the soup. Emily says she has a million things to do; Gran left very specific instructions as to how to deal with her burial. Lorelai hangs up and says she has to leave. Sookie says she's on the soup immediately. Michel asks if Lorelai needs a hug. Lorelai says she has to go call Rory, and asks Sookie to call her when the soup is ready. She asks Michel to take care of the papers and landscaping plans. She checks to make sure she has everything, and then asks Michel for the hug. He hugs her. They take a second, and then decide that was awkward, even though Michel's heart was in the right place. They agree never to hug again. Usually Sookie would do the hugging, but you know, she just had a baby, so she can't really do anything right now.

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