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One Down, Two to Go

Emily's house is filled with bouquets, so many that they're blocking the front door, which -- shocker! -- Lorelai has to open and walk through herself. What? The horror. Lorelai and Sookie have come over to deal with the catering, only to find a semi-buzzed Emily lounging in her robe reading The Crimson Petal and the White for her book club. She's kicking it on the couch, legs up like Mrs. Robinson, chillin' with some Scotch and a cigarette. ["One of the greatest shots of the whole series, I have to say. I love Emily." -- Wing Chun] Lorelai asks, "Who the hell are you?" Sookie gives her condolences to Emily, who can't believe anybody would be sorry that Gran died. She offers a cigarette. Sookie declines. Emily: "Well, then. More for me!" Sookie tells Lorelai, "I think she broke!" Sookie heads to the kitchen. The doorbell rings. Emily holds her glass in the air and tells Lorelai that her drink could use a little freshening up. Lorelai refuses to top her up, and goes to answer the door.

It's Digger. He asks how everybody's doing. Lorelai says that Richard is a mess, and that Emily starts working at a truck stop next week. Digger asks how she's holding up. Lorelai says she's fine, and thanks him for asking. Digger says that's what he's there for. "Really?" Lorelai asks. "No," says Digger. "I have to get your father's signature on some papers." Digger goes to the study door as Lorelai tells him to be careful. Richard opens the door, sees Digger, and dissolves into tears again. He hugs Digger tight, weeping, clutching a Scotch glass.

Lorelai finds Emily lighting a fresh cigarette with the butt of her old one. Lorelai tells her that it was Digger at the door, and that he needed Richard to sign some papers. She asks if she can put some of the baskets away and write a few thank-you notes. Emily tells Lorelai that they have a few Post-Its in the kitchen. Lorelai sits and says she knows how hurt Emily must be about the letter, but that there's still a lot of stuff that has to get done. Emily suggests that they call Pennilyn Lott to plan the funeral, since she's the one who was supposed to be planning it anyway. Sookie comes back in, smiling. She asks if it's going to be okay to set up a buffet in the dining room. Emily wonders if Pennilyn Lott would set a buffet up in the dining room. Emily thinks they should toss some cheese cubes in the coffin, stuff a few toothpicks in Gran's mouth, and "let the people go to town." Lorelai says that the dining room will be fine. Sookie leaves. Lorelai excuses herself to talk to Digger.

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