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Digger asks Lorelai if she saw the hug: "It didn't end! It was the hug that wouldn't end. And he was wearing a robe." You know, if this episode didn't decide to have everything happen off-camera, like the upcoming funeral we're spending a full hour focusing on, that would have been a good place to unveil Digger and Lorelai's relationship, just with his holding her hand and Richard (or maybe only Emily) seeing it. But, whatever. Instead they quirk it up, and Digger admits that he's no good at dealing with tragic situations, or people in need, or emotion, really. And that's a huge strike against Digger for me. Now I don't trust him again. Clearly there's something weird about his not wanting to attend the funeral of his partner's mother. And he's not planning on going, probably because he'll be robbing the family blind while they're at the service, due to the papers he just had Richard sign, and when Richard sobers up he'll be financially ruined and Lorelai will be pregnant. Digger says that when he was ten, he lost a family member a month, and it was very traumatic. Lorelai lets Digger out of the funeral, but tells him he'd better lie to Richard and say he was there. Digger says he's very comfortable with that arrangement.

Emily fixes herself another drink as Lorelai finds her. Emily says that Richard loves Digger. She figures Pennilyn Lott would love Digger, too. Lorelai leaves to get started on the thank-you cards. Emily tells her to remember to thank Pennilyn Lott just for being Pennilyn Lott. She downs her drink as we go to commercial.

Yale paper room. Rory is on her cell phone to Lorelai, telling her that she has learned so many things about Gran's past that she never knew before. Gran took care of wounded soldiers during WWII, and met three presidents. She says there's an amazing picture of her frowning at Nixon like she knew he was up to something. I would imagine someone like Rory would be well-versed in her own family history, particularly since she had to deal with all that legacy bullshit to get into Yale and she herself wants to go into...ah, forget it. Moving on. Rory gets busted by Doyle, and hangs up. Doyle can't believe Rory is working on her own personal stuff in the staff room, using the school's equipment, just after she got a lecture on that. Rory pulls the dead-grandmother card, saying they were close, and that she has to write an obituary that's fitting for Gran. Doyle gets upset. Turns out he lost his own grandmother this past winter. As he goes on about how great she was and how he accidentally picked up the phone to call her last week, Rory -- overcome with guilt in thirty seconds -- confesses that it was actually her great-grandmother and that they weren't all that close, and that she's learning all about her now. Doyle, filled with some kind of elder wisdom, tells Rory to keep doing what she's doing, and that it's important. Glenn can't believe Rory's whipping-boy days were less than a week long.

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