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One Down, Two to Go

Luke's is filled with silent patrons. Cesar stands in the center of the room. Everyone is rapt, listening to the sounds of Nicole and Luke fighting upstairs. Miss Patty enters, and everyone shushes her. She listens to the fighting. We hear a slam, and everyone goes back to normal as Luke storms in to take Miss Patty's order. Before she can decide on crackers or a roll with her salad, Nicole storms into the diner, asking Luke if he really thought they were finished fighting, since she was in the middle of the word "September." Luke opens the door and tells Nicole to follow him outside. Luke comes back inside briefly to slam his hand on Miss Patty's table, in order to get her to stop spooning jelly straight into her mouth.

Luke and Nicole fight, but I really can't listen to it, because it appears Nicole is wearing the charred remains of a sweater. It's like the trash heap. What is that? Luke and Nicole decide that they have nothing to say to each other. Nicole starts to leave. Luke asks if she's going back to their place. Nicole thinks it's funny that he'd insinuate that they both lived there. She leaves. Luke sees all of Stars Hollow watching him through the diner window.

Richard answers the door, fumbling with his bow tie. Lorelai can't believe they gave the maid another day off. Rory asks Richard why he's not wearing any shoes. Rory hugs Richard and says she's sorry. Richard says he's having a hard time with the tie. Lorelai asks if Emily can help her with the tie. Richard absent-mindedly totters around, wondering where Emily is, wondering why someone sent them four hams. Emily, all smiles, flits down the stairs in her robe and tells Rory she looks very nice in her jacket and jeans. Rory says she brought something to change into. Emily says that what Rory's wearing will be fine. She hands Lorelai The Crimson Petal and the White, saying Lorelai will really like it. Emily then launches into a drunken book report as Richard fumbles with his tie. Lorelai tells Rory to follow Richard and keep him away from doors and windows. Lorelai tells Emily to go get ready. Emily says that they have plenty of time, and brags that today she learned how to make mojitos. She asks Lorelai if she'd like one. Lorelai says they need to be ready early, since they're throwing the funeral. Emily goes upstairs to get dressed. Rory comes back downstairs and tells Lorelai that Emily and Richard are a little nutty. "With extra nuts on top," Lorelai agrees. As Lorelai goes through the list of things she still has to do, she realizes that she forgot to give the mortician a pair of underwear for Gran. Rory asks if Gran's going to go commando. Lorelai is very upset, and leaves to go buy underwear. Rory says that nobody will know. Lorelai says she'll know, and asks Rory to babysit her grandparents while Lorelai's gone.

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Gilmore Girls




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