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One Down, Two to Go

Victoria's Secret. The panty saleswoman tries to upsell Lorelai, until Lorelai confesses that she's buying underwear for a dead woman and has no idea what size she'd be. This leads to a meltdown by the thongs about how Lorelai doesn't know what fresh clothing is, and that she has to do all the planning now because Emily found "The Note," and that she can't believe someone would write a note like that and keep the carbon. She can't believe a woman would want a four-thousand-year-old minister and fresh clothing and to be cremated and put in a jar to sit and judge for all eternity. Lorelai pulls herself together and picks a pair of panties, since the dead woman can't see what she's wearing or the mess she left behind. The saleswoman says that Lorelai picked a small pair of panties. Lorelai shouts that the woman is dead and can't tell what size she's wearing. She's dead and wanted fresh clothes, so here they are. Lorelai says that if anybody could rise from the dead and yell at her for picking the wrong size, that tough, old, crazy, wonderful broad could. Lorelai pays for the panties as we go to commercial.

Rory ties Richard's tie using a print-out from the internet. Richard is impressed with that new-fangled invention known as the internet. Rory tells him he can keep the print-out. Richard thanks her. Rory says he needs his shoes and jacket. Richard tells Rory that he was never again able to wear the suit he wore when he buried his father. It was his first custom-made suit, and he never wanted to see it again. Now he'll never wear this suit again, either. Rory tells Richard that if he has any problems doing the eulogy, she'll be happy to do it. She did a lot of reading about Gran, and feels she can do Gran justice. Richard thanks her for the offer, but says that this is his responsibility. Rory says she's got his back.

Lorelai pouts into Emily's house. As she leans over to pick something up, Emily asks, "Did you go shopping? I've been sitting here waiting for you." Lorelai sighs and stomps away.

Post-funeral, we're at the wake. Richard shakes hands and thanks people for coming. Rory congratulates him on the eulogy. Richard says the well-tied bow tie had a steadying effect. A couple gives Richard their condolences. Richard introduces Rory, who excuses herself for a soda. Everybody sure is all smiles at this wake.

Lorelai asks Rory how Richard's doing. Rory says he's holding it together, partly because of all the people, but also that he really is doing better. Lorelai puts her arm around Rory and asks what she thought of Gran's fresh clothing. Rory approved, but was quite amused to see that Lorelai put a Hello Kitty bracelet on her. Lorelai wanted her to have something to remember them by in the afterlife.

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