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The Road Trip to Harvard

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Lorelai walks into Luke's and announces that Lewis and Clark are back. Luke asks which one Lorelai is. Lorelai says she's whichever one had to paddle the canoe. Was that a joke? Luke gets her some coffee and apologizes about the wedding. Lorelai says she's fine. Luke apologizes for the way he treated Max. Lorelai says it's fine. She's wearing an incredible amount of makeup in this scene. Luke apologizes for leaving the chupah on the lawn, all big, reminding her and mocking. He says he'll take it down right now. He tells everyone to get out. Lorelai says that she thinks she's going to keep it because it's beautiful. She says it'll be a beautiful archway in the yard. Luke says he'll help her move it into the yard. He asks where they went. Lorelai recaps. She says that Rory fit in Harvard very well: "She was right at home." Luke asks how Lorelai's taking that. Lorelai says she loved it, and she hated it. She says the past few days have given her so many thoughts about her life then, what she has now, what she missed, what she never had, and what she'll never have. She asks whether Luke ever set up a line of credit at a bank. She's going to move on the inn. She says she and Sookie are going to open it. Does Sookie know that? How is this all about her again? God. Instead of dealing with the broken engagement, Lorelai's just going to thrust everything into the inn. Shouldn't she save her money to help Rory go to Harvard? Luke says he'll help Lorelai with any business advice he can give. He says there aren't any stupid questions, until Lorelai asks how ink comes out of pens. She thanks him for his help. Lorelai leaves, and Luke watches her.

Lane asks Rory what she's been up to. Rory says she's been to Harvard. Lane freaks out, assuming that Rory's actually attending Harvard, I bet, because nobody gets that excited about a campus tour. Rory tells Lorelai that she'd like to spend some time with Lane. Lorelai's instantly pouty that her one friend is getting taken away by that stupid girl who just got back from Korea after three months. The selfishness! Rory walks off, and Lorelai practically bursts into tears shouting, "I need Rory back!" So instead, she immediately calls up Sookie to make sure that she has someone to listen to her talk at all times. Lorelai says she wants to start moving on "the inn thing." She says they're ready. She wants to meet early at work tomorrow. Lorelai starts the Jeep and drives off, saying she's excited, too. "Hey, Max! I called off the wedding, did I tell you? No? Oh. Well, I'm going to start a committed relationship with Sookie instead! No, I can't afford that, either! Responsibility? What the hell is that?"

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