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The next morning. Rory enters the room and asks Lorelai why she's staring. Lorelai says the flowers are getting taller. Rory sees that Lorelai wrote in the guest book: "Satanic forces are at work here." Rory says they can't write that and changes it to "Sat and forever am at work here." Lorelai says that doesn't make any sense. Rory says at least it doesn't invoke the Dark Prince. "Last night," Rory says. "We're good," Lorelai says. Well, great. Glad we don't have to know anything else. No point in showing emotions or feelings, or explaining anything. Does Max even know the wedding is off? Lorelai complains to Rory that she ate the fuzzy Certs, and that they tasted like keys. Rory says she needs to eat something. They check the schedule and find out that there's a thirteen-minute window between breakfast and arts and crafts. They run.

Downstairs, the girls find the guests huddled around a window. LaDonn tells the girls that they've been worried about the two of them. Perhaps because they were screaming last night? I can't believe they didn't get busted. Lorelai asks what the guests are doing. Representatives of the guests say that they're watching hummingbirds, and that there's still room by the window if the girls want to "scooch in." A man marvels about the engineering of a hummingbird. "That was not on the freaking list," Lorelai brats. "We don't put things like that on the freaking list," LaDonn smiles, "because the delights of nature aren't on any kind of time schedule." LaDonn puts out their test batch of scones for the girls to try. Even though Rory and Lorelai hate these people, they'll eat their free food. Rory and Lorelai sit down and scoff up scones, growling at each other over which one has more food. An older couple sit down with Lorelai and Rory and try to make small talk about publishing. The woman asks Lorelai which books she's done, so that she can go home and look them up and read them later. The man has a space pen that he loves. Lorelai makes up a couple of books, including Goodnight, Spoon (I chuckled at that) and the woman says she's read one of them, about a horse that wanted to bark. She asks to be reminded what happened to the horse at the end. Lorelai says that the horse dies. Rory adds that the horse did learn to bark before he died, so it's an uplifting story. The woman asks where Lorelai's offices are located, and Lorelai says that she needs to make a phone call. Rory whines that Lorelai promised she wouldn't do any work on their trip, and Lorelai says that the book-publishing world never stops (I chuckled at that too, but for an entirely different reason). This is going on for a long time. They are all harmless people and they're just being nice. They ask Rory about her school.

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