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Thirteen. Fourteen. Rory and Lorelai are now walking through one of the lecture buildings. Rory says the rooms are huge. Can we stop advertising Harvard now? All campuses have large classrooms and dorm rooms that are small and grass that's green and several libraries. Lorelai and Rory crash a classroom and sit behind Official Sweatshirt Fifteen. Lorelai asks whether it should cost a hundred dollars to listen to the lecture. That's about what it breaks down to, yes. Rory says she doesn't think Harvard would "nickel-and-dime people like that." Ha! Lorelai says she's going to find a bathroom to sneak a cigarette and see if someone slipped an aspirin in her Coke. "Okay, Rizzo," Rory smiles. Vince Fontaine slipped aspirin in Marty's Coke, but whatever. Rory walks into the doorway, and her Styrofoam coffee cup slips and hits the ground and makes a noise like a car crash. Everyone in the classroom stares at her in full comic glory, and the instructor tells her she's in or out. Whatever, whatever, whatever. Rory sits down in a seat and apologizes. Everyone quietly goes back to the class.

Lorelai finds a wall of Harvard Valedictorians. I can't believe they've tucked this shrine away in some English lecture hall. She finds the girl who was Valedictorian the year that she would have graduated, had she finished high school and gone to college. Lorelai is all jealous of this smart girl who has a brilliant career now when Lorelai's just got a daughter and doesn't even have a husband anymore. Lorelai has the power to turn anything into a drama about herself. All of the graduates so didn't get their pictures taken on the same day with the same roll of film, by the way. Everyone looks so different!

Lorelai hears Rory screaming out her opinion inside the lecture hall. Oh, man, I'd hate Rory if I were at Harvard. She's already interrupting class arguing her opinion, not a care at all as to whether there's a class rule about when you can speak. She's clapping her hands while she talks like she's got special problems, and she's beaming as she argues. The teacher argues back with her (so I know he's a T.A. and not a professor) and the rest of the class doesn't seem to grumble as Rory keeps interrupting. They even interrupt to argue with her, even though the kids on the other side of the classroom wouldn't be able to hear what's happening since they aren't on a microphone. Blah, blah, blah, Seneca. Lorelai's proud. Rory just gets up and walks out, after thanking some kid who was arguing with her. ["I'm pretty sure that kid was Yick on Degrassi, but they didn't show his face close enough for me to tell for sure." -- Wing Chun] Everyone else in the class shrugs, like, "Ain't she something? That girl's gonna be smart someday!"

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