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Lorelai tells Emily that it's "certainly a bomb" that Trix just dropped. Emily agrees. Lorelai says she should be getting home. She thanks her for dinner. Emily sits for a second and then stops Lorelai. She says that Lorelai shouldn't accept the money. Lorelai says of course she's accepting the money. Emily says she doesn't think it's a good idea because Rory is very young. She says that Rory won't know how to manage that money. Lorelai says she'll help her. Emily tells her that she doesn't know how to manage the money either. Emily says this could be a very bad thing. She tells Lorelai that she's always bragging about the special relationship that she has with Rory and if this money comes into the picture that relationship will be ruined because Rory won't need her anymore. Money means freedom. Lorelai says that there are some things Rory still needs her for. Emily says that Rory won't need her for anything anymore because she can pay for things on her own. Lorelai says that every relationship isn't about money. Emily says that Rory will move out as soon as she can. Lorelai doesn't think that's a big deal. Emily says that Rory won't need help getting through college or buying a car. Lorelai tells Emily to say goodnight to Richard for her. Emily says that Rory doesn't have to wait to backpack across Europe with Lorelai. She can pay to go herself. And she can take a friend or a boyfriend. Lorelai says that Rory wants to go with her. "Well, now of course she does. She doesn't have options." Lorelai says she doesn't want to hear it anymore and she's leaving. "It's terrible not to be needed," Emily says out the door. Lorelai keeps walking and Emily shuts the door.

Lorelai comes home and finds Rory asleep on her bed covered in her books. She takes the books from Rory's grip and tucks her in bed. She looks at Rory's Harvard folder. She looks around the room at the posters Rory has of different countries. She puts the folder down and pouts out of the room. Now, suddenly we have lots of commercials. Where were these the first half of the show?

That silly Troubadour walks through Stars Hollow, holding onto a shred of a dream. Still not finding him charming or endearing or necessary. Sookie is celebrating Lorelai's good fortune. Lorelai is buying some flowers. Sookie asks what Rory said when Lorelai told her. Lorelai says she didn't tell her yet. She was sleeping and she didn't want to bother her. Sookie says that for that much money, you wake her up. Lorelai says that Rory's been working really hard on her paper and she's going to tell her tonight. Sookie says she should call her now or page her or page her and have her call Sookie's cell phone and they can answer it singing "The Money Song" from Cabaret. She says that Lorelai will be Liza and she'll be Joel. Lorelai moans that she doesn't want to bother Rory at school. I can't believe Rory had to go all the way back to Chilton on a Sunday. She lives too far away for that crap. Lorelai tries to decide if carnations are tacky or retro. "You don't want to tell her," Sookie says. Lorelai says she thinks she does. Sookie says she understands the hesitation. "I mean, who wants to be the bearer of good news?" Lorelai tells Sookie how Emily cornered her last night and said that Rory won't want her anymore. Sookie says that Emily just doesn't want to lose any control of Lorelai. "She wants you permanently obligated to her," she says. Lorelai says she knows that. Sookie asks if she believes what Emily said. Lorelai says it's possible that the money could change their relationship. She knows that freedom changes things. She says she knows this is crazy but Emily's words have gotten to her. Sookie says she should tell Rory about the money and then she'll see that it's not going to change anything. Lorelai says she doesn't want Rory to go to Europe without her. Sookie promises that she won't. Lorelai notices the time and says she has to go. She's late for tea.

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