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Richard and Emily are going at it. Richard: "You're hysterical. I can't talk to you when you're hysterical." Emily says he makes her hysterical. She says she wants him to get Trix to take the offer back. She says she's put up with a lot from that woman over the years. Richard asks her to keep her voice down. Emily says that Trix has gone too far. Richard doesn't want to insult his mother. Emily says she doesn't care if Trix is mean to her or looks down on her. She doesn't care of Trix thinks that she's tarnished the Gilmore name. She's given up hope of getting into her good graces. "But that woman is horrible and selfish and she can not get away with this. I won't let her." Richard says this is his mother she's talking about. Emily says it is his mother, the woman who stepped in and ruined the good thing they had going with Rory and Lorelai. "She'll never come back here, you know." Richard says that Trix will come back. "Lorelai," Emily corrects. "If she gets that money, Lorelai will never come back here. She won't have to." Richard seems to finally understand, but Trix interrupts. "I've ordered a car. Women shouldn't drive." Ew. She asks if Emily is ready. Emily says she is. She slowly gets up as Richard looks at her. They share a look. "I shall die soon, you know," Trix says from the other room. Emily leaves.

Chilton. Rory sits outside the classroom. Paris walks down the hall. Rory says that she's early. "Trying to suck up to Parliament?" she asks. Rory asks how the date went. "It went," Paris smiles. Rory asks if it went well. Paris says he picked her up and they had dinner and a movie, she didn't use her note cards once, and he kissed her goodnight. Rory says she's so glad for her. Paris says it was a great kiss. Rory says she was nervous for nothing. Paris says she can't stop smiling. Rory says that now is a good time to talk about their overtaxed peasants. "Let them eat cake," Paris says. Philllipppe walks by with a "hey." Paris is all smiley. "Don't look at me. I didn't kiss you," Rory says. Paris smiles and walks into the classroom.

Paris is all wearing nicer clothes today, by the way. And lipstick. She walks over to Philllipppe, who is surrounded by boy friends. (This is never the time to admit in public that he had to go out with a geek girl, by the way. You're totally asking for the T-Bird treatment here.) She says she wanted to tell him again she had a lot of fun last night. Philllipppe says he figured it out after her fifth answering machine message. "Too much. Sorry," Paris says. Philllipppe tells her to forget it. "It was cute," he says. Paris says that maybe they could do it again sometime. A different movie, of course, but the same action plan. Philllipppe says, "Absolutely." Paris says, "Great. Because it was really fun." Philllipppe says he'd love to go out with her again. "I mean, you know, as friends." Paris: "Oh. Yeah, as friends." Philllipppe: "You noticed it, too, right? That we're sorta more friends material than dating material?" Paris: "Yes. I did notice this. I have excellent deductive skills." Man. That's the same thing I said to a boy once when he was breaking up with me and I didn't know it. Philllipppe says he's still glad they went out. He says that when Rory first suggested they go out he thought it was crazy, but she had several good points. Paris is hella pissed. He says that they do have a history together and you never know. "Yes," Paris says. "You never know." She watches Rory walk back into the classroom. She snaps back to Paris mode. "Okay. So, we're done here, right?" She excuses herself and beelines over to Rory. In this classroom, however, I guess everyone can hear no matter where you stand and yell. Paris can't believe that it was Rory's idea. She says she doesn't want Rory's castoffs. "I'm just that pathetic?" Rory tries to explain but Paris interrupts to shout, "I am not your charity case!" Rory says it's not like that and she just thought they'd make a good couple. Paris says they did make a couple for just one night but obviously they are more suited to just being friends or at least that's what he just said "so humiliatingly" to her just a few seconds ago. Right on cue, Fraulein and Louisa walk in. Rory starts to apologize, but Paris shouts, "I hate you!" and leaves in full Helena glory, leaving Rory to talk to Lysander.

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