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Trix interrupts with, "Lorelai! You're here." She sits at the table. She asks if they've ordered tea. Emily says they haven't. Trix says that's good because she's going to leave a bit earlier than she had anticipated. Lorelai asks why. Trix says her train leaves tonight and she has some last-minute packing to do. She says she really doesn't want to see them fight anymore. "Raising your voice at high tea. Whoever heard of such a thing? It's like Fergie all over again." Lorelai apologizes for Trix seeing them fight. She says they're done and asks her not to leave. Trix: "I can see now that offering the trust fund was a bad idea. After all, taking into account the maturity level of those involved, this large amount of money would probably not be safe." Lorelai says that's not true and that Rory is an incredibly mature kid. Trix says she's not worried about Rory, but Lorelai. She turns to Emily and says, "And I'm sure she gets it from you." She says to tell Rory she said goodbye and that they are welcome to visit her in London at any time. She asks Emily to get her coat and meet her outside. She leaves.

"Well…you won," Lorelai smiles. Emily says she didn't win. Lorelai says that Emily didn't want her to take the money and now she's not taking the money, so therefore Emily won. Emily apologizes. Lorelai says she's not sorry. Emily says that she is. Lorelai tells her to forget it. Emily says that she ruined Rory's opportunity. She says she'll get Richard to talk to Trix and fix it. She pulls out her cell phone but can't get any reception. She says she'll go to the pay phone. Lorelai tells her to forget it. Emily brings up Chilton. Lorelai says that Rory can still go to Chilton as long as Emily isn't rethinking her offer. Emily says she isn't. "Okay, then. We're good," Lorelai says. Emily asks if she's sure. Lorelai says she is. Emily says she should go get Trix's coat. Lorelai says that Emily will be sorry to see Trix go. Emily says she doesn't know what she'll do with herself. She asks if she'll see Lorelai on Friday. Lorelai says she will. As Emily turns to leave Lorelai asks for a favor. Emily says, "Anything. Anything at all." Lorelai: "Don't make us take the coat rack back." Emily says she won't. You know, I'd be crying and fuming right now if I were Lorelai. Her daughter had a chance to be independent, and she had a chance to be more independent. They wouldn't have had to rely on Emily and Richard or cater to their whims. They'd just be able to pay for the schools that Rory got into. Does this mean that Rory doesn't even have a trust fund at twenty-five anymore? Oh, I hate it. I'd be so pissed off that I'd be flinging tea left and right. Why isn't Lorelai upset?

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