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Lorelai walks down the stairs in Emily's house. Emily is freaking out in the living room unpacking boxes. Lorelai asks what's going on as she excuses herself to two large ceramic dogs standing in the living room. Emily explains that she has to pull out thirty-five years' worth of bad gifts that Richard's mother has sent. "Stupid naked angels with their…butts!" Lorelai is enjoying this, and can't help giggling at Emily's frustrations. "'Stupid naked angel butts?' What, did David Mamet just stop by?" Emily asks Lorelai to leave. Lorelai tells Emily to calm down, but Emily has too many items to still uncover and she can't remember where everything is. Lorelai says that Lorelai I probably won't remember everything she ever gave her. Emily says that Lorelai I will remember everything "down to the last shrimp fork." She asks if Lorelai knows why. Lorelai admits that she doesn't know, and then asks the ceramic dogs if they know why. "Because she doesn't just give you a present, she gives you a present. Then she tells you where to put it, how to use it, what it costs (for insurance purposes, of course). And God forbid you should have a different opinion or you don't think it works in the space or you just get tired of waking up every morning with those horrifying animals staring at you." Lorelai turns to the dogs and says, "She's just upset." Emily yells at her to stop talking to the dogs. Lorelai says she's never seen Emily "freak out" before. Emily says she has. She was twelve. It was the last time Lorelai I came to visit. Lorelai offers to help. Emily snaps a "No," then takes a breath and says, "Please." Lorelai helps grab a large rug and asks where it goes. "Third floor," Emily says. Lorelai offers to take it to the second floor. Emily says it's going to the third floor. "How 'bout the first floor on a ladder?" Lorelai quips. I just used the word "quip." This show has forever changed me.

It's evening. Rory and Lorelai are driving. Rory asks to hear more about Lorelai I. Lorelai admits that she doesn't know much about her. What's strange here is that Lorelai has said that she named Rory after herself because women never name their kids after themselves, but here's Lorelai named after her grandmother. Shouldn't Rory be a "Third" of some kind? Lorelai says that Lorelai I moved to London when her husband died. Once a year Richard and Emily would go to visit her, usually leaving Lorelai behind (much to her delight). Lorelai says she gets the rest of the stuff from stories. Rory says that she reminds Richard of her. Lorelai says that's the biggest compliment Rory could ever get out of "Grumpy McFarland." Rory hopes that Lorelai I will like her. Lorelai says she'll love her. Rory hopes that Lorelai I and Emily will get along. Lorelai repeats that Lorelai I will love Rory.

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