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Chilton. Paris is holding court in front of a group of classmates, discussing their fictional town's government. No one is listening to her. Paris is going on and on about the differences in the Elizabethan government and the government that they are creating. Fraulein asks Louisa whether Paris knows this is a fictional government. Louisa admits she's too scared to ask. Paris says that there should be a king and a queen. She offers up Rory and Philllipppe. Rory and Philllipppe immediately decline. Rory says she doesn't want to be queen. "Me either," says Philllipppe. "King. I don't want to be king." Rory says that Paris could be queen. Paris says she's going to be the head of Parliament, and can't be queen. Rory says she can be both, since it's their government. Paris says it's not done that way. Rory says that Henry VIII started a new church when the old one wouldn't allow divorce. "He also cut off his wife's head," Paris snots. "Is he still your role model?" Rory says they have an opportunity to make any kind of government they want. "Why won't you be queen?" Paris asks. Fraulein holds up her hand and offers to be queen. It's settled. Fraulein's queen and Philllipppe is king. Louisa sluts that she'll be the lady-in-waiting. She says she'll wear a low-cut blue velvet dress. Paris says that's not a political office. "No," Louisa keeps on slutting. "But they get all the sex." "What?" Paris asks incredulously. "Watch a movie," Louisa drones. I really can't stand her. Paris complains that she can't get anyone to care about this project as much as she does. Louisa says she'll hold an actual office as long as she still gets to wear her velvet outfit. Paris has secured the classroom to work all weekend so that they'll be ready on Monday. The rest of the group isn't very happy with this decision. This also means that it's already Friday again. One week just flew by. Paris hands out an outline and says they'll get together at nine the next morning. She reminds everyone not to be late. "Wow. She designed the flag," someone says as the class is dismissed.

Out in the hallway Paris finds Rory and asks what's going on between her and Philllipppe. Rory says it's nothing. Paris says they seem weird around each other. Rory says it's no weirder than usual. Paris: "I disagree." Rory: "You usually do." Paris says she finds it strange that Rory didn't want to be queen. Rory says that not all girls want to be queen: "Even Barbie ended up being a stewardess." Paris tells her to read the "manifesto," because she wants to hear Rory's thoughts. Rory says her first thought is to lose the word "manifesto." "Too cabin in the woods?" Paris asks. "Don't open your mail," Rory answers. Paris offers to change it to "doctrine," and Rory agrees that's better.

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