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Emily walks into the living room and smiles. "Mom! Look who's here!" Lorelai I is played by Marion Ross, who is keeping very busy lately being the stunt mom. But then again, when you're Mrs. Cunningham for so many years, you really are all of our moms, aren't you? Mrs. C (which is much easier than Lorelai I) is reading a newspaper with a magnifying glass. "Who?" she asks. Emily tells her to look up and see. Mrs. C says that if she wanted to look she'd look, but she didn't want to look up so she asked. Richard brings a drink over to Mrs. C and she thanks him. "You're welcome, Trix!" he says. Trix is Richard's nickname for Mrs. C, and now I'm not sure which nickname I want to use. Plus, she might very well actually be "Tricks." "Trix," says the closed-captioning, and so I guess I'll call her that, too. It's strange, though. I like calling her Mrs. C. But these are the things that I don't have to tell you about in a recap. These are the things I'm supposed to decide before I start writing. But instead I hashed them out here. Sorry. Lorelai says hello and says it's nice to see Trix again. Richard introduces Rory and says she's never met her before. Rory says hello. Trix asks both of them to walk closer so she can get a good look at them. "They're tall," Trix says from her chair. Richard agrees that they are. Trix asks about their health. They both say that they are very healthy. "Good," Trix says. "That means that the majority of your blood is Gilmore blood. Gilmores don't get sick." She says that Emily is always sick. Emily laughs politely and says that she's rarely sick. "You're sick right now," Trix says. Lorelai asks Emily if she's sick. "Headache," Emily deadpans. Trix says that Gilmores don't have headaches. "Our heads are perfect." She asks Lorelai if she drinks. Lorelai says that she does. Trix tells Emily to get Lorelai a drink. Richard says he'll do it. He leaves to get Lorelai a white wine. Emily leaves to get some food. Rory and Lorelai sit down next to Trix. Trix says that Richard has spoken highly of Rory. "He seemed very fond of you," she says. "Oh, well I'm fond of him, too," Rory smiles. Richard sits down and says that Rory is very smart. "I think she has a great deal of you in her," he says. "Really?" Trix asks, sounding bored. "How nice." At least they didn't make Rory do the Smart Girl Song and Dance here. Emily returns to the room and Trix immediately asks if this is "cheese." Snitty accent on "cheese." Emily says it is. "Am I supposed to eat that cheese?" Trix asks. Emily says she only has to eat the cheese if she wants to. Richard asks where the spiced nuts "that Trix likes so much" are. Emily puts down the tray and immediately leaves to find some. Shouldn't Emily's help be doing this task? I guess she just wants excuses to stay out of the room, but I'd imagine Trix would think poorly of a woman that has to do all of the work herself.

Trix says that since the last time she saw Lorelai she's grown up, gotten pregnant out of wedlock, raised a child and still hasn't "bothered" to get married. She asks if she left anything out. Lorelai says that she also got her ears pierced in that time. Trix says she's always hated scandal but has always appreciated self-sufficiency. She asks Lorelai how she supports Rory. Lorelai says she runs an inn. Trix asks if it's hard work. Lorelai says it is. "Good," Trix says. "Hard work is good for a woman. Makes her stronger. I admire people who enjoy hard work." Suddenly Trix is becoming a little Southern in her fancy pants. Emily returns with a bowl of nuts. "Thank you, Emily," Trix says. She holds out her arms. "I suppose I could just put these nuts in my hands." Emily puts down the bowl and says she'll be right back. Lorelai asks when was the last time she saw Trix. "You were still in your teens. Wild hair flying everywhere. I see you've taken care of that." Lorelai says she joined a support group. Trix: "That was a joke." Lorelai: "Yes, it was." Trix: "Very good." Lorelai: "Thank you." Emily returns with a tray of plateware and Trix announces that it's time to go to the dining room. She asks Richard to escort her. He does. Emily says that she doesn't think dinner is ready yet. Trix turns around and says, "Well, perhaps our presence in the dining room will teach your help that when one is told dinner is at seven, people often expect dinner to be at seven." Emily whines, "But it's only five after, Mom!" Trix turns to Richard and says, "Richard. In the event that I'm kidnapped and a ransom is demanded at a certain time I would prefer that Emily not be in charge of the drop-off." Richard giggles and escorts his mother into the dining room. Everyone else follows, leaving Emily alone in the living room holding her tray of plateware.

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