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Dinner. Rory compliments Emily on the food. "Very good, young lady," Trix says. "We all believed you." Emily shoots a death-glare to Trix. Trix asks Rory where she goes to school. Rory says Chilton. Richard says that Rory is in the top ten percent of her class. Emily says they are all proud of her and that she's going to Harvard. This does not sit well with Trix, as Richard was a Yale man, and Rory should then be going to Yale. Lorelai says that they'd like Rory to decide on her own what kind of man she wants to be. Good for Lorelai, as she's the only one that doesn't mind speaking up to Trix. "That's enough jokes for this evening, Lorelai," Trix says with a squint, and I like Trix again for being the only one that won't put up with Lorelai's constant jokes. Trix asks how Lorelai is paying for Rory's education. Emily and Richard say that they are helping out. Lorelai says it's just a temporary loan. Trix tosses her silverware down and announces she's done eating. She says that tomorrow she's planning the menu. She explains to Rory that when you live in Europe you learn something about food. Emily would like to kick this woman back to Europe in a Cornish game hen. Rory says she can't come to dinner tomorrow because she's studying for a project on Monday. She's studying from nine in the morning until past dinner? Trix says that Lorelai will have to tell her all about it. "I will. I promise," Lorelai says through gritted teeth. Emily asks if Trix is going to have any dessert. Trix answers with: "I once traveled to a small village in Cambodia. I did not eat dessert there, either."

Chilton. Louisa is on her back on a desk, assuming her normal position. Fraulein is going through a magazine. Louisa asks for the time. Fraulein says that it's almost nine. She says she'd like to own a magazine someday. Then she'd get all of her nail polish for free. Louisa says she's going back to sleep. "Tell Paris I hate her," she says. Fraulein says she will. Paris walks in. Fraulein says, "Hey, Paris. Louisa hates you." Paris says she'll thank her when she gets into Sarah Lawrence. "Wanna bet?" Louisa moans. Rory walks in full of smiles and a case of coffee. She also brought donuts in the shape of clowns. With hats. She hands Paris her decaf made with soy milk and you can see the shock in Paris' eyes that Rory has been paying attention. She thanks her. Rory says she read the doctrine and she thinks the imaginary kingdom is off to a good start. She thinks the taxes are a little high. Paris immediately defends with, "It was a different time back then." Rory says that human needs are still the same. Paris starts to counter but Louisa makes the sound of a bell and declares no debating until she's had her coffee. Philllipppe walks in. He asks Paris if he can talk to her for a minute outside. They leave. Louisa and Fraulein immediately try and figure out what Philllipppe could want. They debate spying until Paris comes back in. They ask her what he wanted. Philllipppe has asked Paris out. They ask for all the details. I'd rather know what possessed her to wear a beige leather blouse that zips in the front. Louisa makes a "hmm" noise and Paris badgers her into telling her why. Louisa says that asking someone out for the same evening means that he lost his original plans for the night. Rory says that maybe Philllipppe just finally got up the nerve to ask her out. Louisa and Fraulein agree that this is truly amazing, since Paris is "so, so far" from Philllipppe's type. Fraulein says they'll have to do a "Pink Ladies Makeover" on Paris. She says that Paris can borrow her waterbra. Paris asks what that is. Fraulein explains that it's a padded bra filled with water so the boobs still move. "It moves?" Paris asks. "On its own?" Fraulein says it makes you look natural. Knowing the rack Paris is already sporting under there, I don't think she needs one anyway. Paris says she'll pass. She calls everyone to work. Rory says she thinks Paris will have a really great time. Paris says it's just a date. She yells for everyone to focus, and Philllipppe walks over to the group. He's still looking all forlorn as we go to commercial break. I love how parts of a classroom are always considered soundproof, just like Monica's apartment in Friends. The kitchen can't hear the living room, just like the blackboard can't hear the desk cluster. I wish my house could do that, but the fact is my bedroom can hear my upstairs neighbor's kitchen. It's annoying.

Lorelai finds Rory studying in the living room and declares a five-minute talking break while she changes. Rory follows her upstairs. Lorelai says that her day included a leak on the third floor. "Lots of things going 'squish' that should not be squishing." Is that a shout-out? She's late for dinner. She holds out dresses. Rory picks one. Lorelai asks if Rory's sure she can't go. Rory says she has to study or Paris will kill her if she's unprepared. She tells Lorelai that if things go well tonight, though, she's probably going to be treated a little bit better. She admits that she set up Paris and Philllipppe on a date. Lorelai gives Rory the Ricky treatment, telling her she shouldn't be messing with other people. Lorelai says she wants details tomorrow. She asks how she looks. Rory tells her she looks beautiful. Lorelai grabs her shoes and runs downstairs. She tells Rory she left ten dollars for her and defrosted a chocolate cake. She says she'll be home early. Rory tells her not to be mean to Emily. Lorelai calls Rory a broken record and leaves.

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