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I like this scene. Everybody's running, and Jackson runs up and asks Lorelai if she has an opinion on his running. Lorelai asks what's going on. Sookie says that he's mad and taking it out on Lorelai instead of on Sookie. Jackson has the great line: "Oh, I'm not mad. I just didn't realize that when I married Sookie, I also married [Lorelai]. I didn't realize I was a Mormon. My mistake." Rory interjects for a second to say that she hates Lorelai. Sookie tells Jackson to quit dragging Lorelai into this. Jackson says, "Fine," and runs off the dance floor. Sookie tosses two yellow cards into the air and runs off behind him. Taylor notes that they're totally disqualified. Rory is now falling into Lorelai, moaning that she's going to die. Lorelai says that, every year, she blocks this part out. Rory promises to remind her next year. Kirk runs up right behind them. Lorelai asks what he's doing. "I'm drafting you," he answers. "Well, stop it!" Lorelai shouts. "You can't tell me where to run!" Kirk shrieks. Love it. The ten-minute horn blows. Everyone falls to the ground. Where's CuteDean with some water, a towel, food? Hello? Little help, here? Rory tries to kick Lorelai, but her foot's too weak. She decides to owe her one. Lorelai says she has to go find Jackson and Sookie. Rory says she'll go get them a couple of sandwiches. Ew. Those things are fourteen hours old. Lorelai picks up Rory and asks, "This is fun, huh?" Rory snots, "Uh huh. Big fun."

In the infirmary, the couple that has been showcased the entire show without talking make big gestures to each other that their numbers are on straight. Jess enters and finds Lane. He asks if she's too cool to dance. "Go away, Jess. Nobody asked for a Tony Manero wannabe to drop by," she says. Jess says he's just there for the food. Lane hands him a sandwich and tells him to enjoy it. "Bye bye," she adds. Jess says he noticed that Rory isn't dancing with Dean. He asks if there's trouble in paradise. Lane says that Rory's just dancing with her mother, that nothing's wrong with Dean, and that Jess is blocking her sandwiches from the rest of the room. Jess: "I know. They're erecting a statue to me next week in the park." MamaLane walks up and demands to know who Jess is. "Jess," he answers. She stares him down until he adds, "Ma'am." MamaLane orders Lane to scoop more. She leaves.

Rory and Dean walk up, and Rory can't stop talking to Jess for a second. She tells him that the sandwiches are for the dancers. Jess says he's dancing on the inside. Rory asks what he's doing there. CuteDean patiently stands listening to all of this, brooding. Jess says he lives there. Rory asks if he has nothing better to do all day than to sit in a gymnasium staring at a dance marathon. Jess says he doesn't know, and asks CuteDean the same question. CuteDean answers: "I wouldn't direct any sort of comment toward me, if I were you." Jess says he's just trying to support his town. Rory tells him to go back to New York, then. Jess: "Ooh, zing! I've been snapped!" Rory says Jess isn't bugging her, sitting there staring at her. Jess asks if Rory thinks she's bugging him, dancing in front of him staring at him. Rory says she's not staring. Jess asks how she knows he's looking at her if she's not. Rory says she's dancing, and cannot control where her gaze goes, but that the few moments she can, she looks at Dean. Jess thinks it's a shame that Rory has to force herself to look at her boyfriend. Dean gives Jess another warning. Rory tells Jess to go home. "No thanks," Jess says. "Then get out of my way," Rory says. Jess says he didn't know he was in Rory's way. See, this is the Jess that I don't like, the Jess that does all of this stuff in front of Dean. It's such an asshole thing to do, and it's cruel. It puts Dean in the uncomfortable situation of not being able to do anything. If he tries to call Jess out he looks like a controlling boyfriend, but if he stands there quietly it looks like he doesn't care. Rory should be strong enough to walk away from Jess and not bitch about him to Dean all day.

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