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Luke walks up with glue. Sookie says she's going home to figure out what she wants, immediately ignoring Lorelai's advice. Luke asks how "that situation" is going. Lorelai tells him Jackson and Sookie will be fine. Luke and Lorelai sit and glue Lorelai's shoe. Luke says he didn't really mean everything he said earlier about kids. He says he's not really as anti-kids as he came off. He says he doesn't have the patience for them, and that they tend to be a little squishy (shout-out?). Lorelai says he doesn't have to want kids, or like kids. Kids are not for everybody. Luke says he's happy spending an entire day not having to worry about somebody's bodily functions, but that if he met the right person, he'd be open to discussion. It would probably be a short discussion, he says, but still a discussion. He asks Lorelai if she ever thinks about having another kid. Lorelai says she doesn't know how much fun it would be without Biology finals and headgear. She says she would if she ever met the right person. They stare at each other long enough for Stee to scream, "Kiss her! Do it! When are you two going to get together! God! I hate this! He's so perfect for you!" Then Stee cried a lot and paid me ten bucks not to put it in this recap, but he never reads these things anyway, so just don't tell him, okay?

Lane's looking distant over at Miss Patty's. She gets up and walks over to her food table, where Dave is suddenly deciding to check out the dance marathon on a totally eleventh-hour whim. He says she made it sound really Blue Velvet, but that she was holding back on just how bizarre it all is. He says he hadn't seen Lane in a while, and that he missed her. He asks if she missed him. Lane blushes and stammers that she "definitely, definitely" did. MamaLane walks up and machine-guns, "Who are you? What do you want?" Dave says he doesn't know Lane, but he heard a bunch of people talking outside about the sandwiches and he had to come and try one for himself. "I'm sorry, may I?" he asks, as Lane falls even more smitten. MamaLane hands him a sandwich. He takes a bite and gushes about how great the sandwich is. The guy playing Dave has one line in The Ring for those of you trying to see all things Gilmore. Dave asks for another sandwich for later. He says his parents would love these sandwiches, but right now they're in private bible study. At 5 in the morning on a Sunday? Dave asks how long the Kims are serving. MamaLane says the bread is only good for twenty more minutes: "After that, you chip a tooth." Dave says that if he comes by in the next fifteen minutes, he can give his parents a sandwich, but after that, they'll be gone. He says he's going to go wait on the church steps for his parents to tell them about these sandwiches and if he doesn't come back it's because he's still standing on the steps waiting to tell them about the wonderful sandwiches they missed. Dave thanks them and leaves. "I hope he comes back," MamaLane says. "He seemed hungry." Lane's in love.

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