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The Bridge of Sin, where all things Jess occur. Rory sits like she's Joey, her feet dangling above the water, mourning the end of her relationship. Jess, ever the sensitive one, walks up and declares Dean a "jerk" for yelling at Rory in public like that. There are a million things that could be said in response, pointing out how Jess systematically caused that scene, and planned it to happen just as it did, but there's no point anymore. No matter how much I rooted for CuteDean, he's gone. It's over. Jess has won. Rory says that CuteDean wasn't a jerk, and that he was right. Everything he said was right, about her and Jess and the two of them. About her lying to CuteDean and messing with his head: "He was right." Jess just stares at her. "Well, wasn't he?" she asks. Jess doesn't answer. "Fine. He was right about me, then. Now go away!" Jess says quietly, "He was right." He sighs. "About all of it." Rory wipes her tears and asks, "So, what now?" Jess asks if she's definitely broken up with CuteDean. Rory says she "definitely" is. Jess says there's something he has to go take care of. He walks off. Rory looks more than a little scared.

Only three minutes have passed, somehow, and there are only two couples remaining. Everyone's asleep except for Kirk and Cha Cha and our featured couple who haven't said a word. The girl falls asleep in the boy's arms. He tries to shake her awake, but it's not working. She falls to the ground. Kirk shouts, "They're out! They're out! We won! We won!" Kirk pounds on the podium, waking up Miss Patty. She walks over to Taylor, who's fallen asleep on a bench. He won't wake up or release the megaphone, so Patty blows the airhorn. She declares a winner. Lorelai runs up and asks what's going on, saying she's still standing and that she used her yellow card. Kirk rolls on the floor, screeching that he won again. Lorelai says she's still there. She's near tears, asking where Rory is. Patty says that Rory ran off the floor a while ago. "What? No!" Lorelai shouts. "Yes!" Kirk screams. He takes the enormous trophy and holds it up as Patty declares Kirk the winner for the fifth year in a row. Everyone applauds as Lorelai is totally confused. Lorelai finds Rory as she walks onto the dance floor. Just as she's about to yell at Rory, she sees Rory's tears. The Rocky theme kicks in. Lorelai pulls Rory into her arms. They stand their, arms around each other, Rory sobbing in her mother's embrace. It's the shot we already saw before the episode aired, but it still makes me tear up, because I'm sad that CuteDean's gone too. As Rory and Lorelai stand there, dancing and crying, Kirk takes his victory lap, loud and proud around the gymnasium. It's a really good shot and a nice ending to this episode.

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