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Lorelai is giggling as she sits at the kitchen table. She tells Rory she's figured out who her dance partner should be. Lorelai stares at Rory. "Bye!" Rory says, starting to stand up. Lorelai reminds Rory that she loves Lorelai. "Not at this moment, I don't," Rory says. Lorelai says that this contest is important to her, and that she knows that Rory would never fall asleep or chase a pie. Rory says she can't dance. Lorelai says they'll dress up and it'll be fun. She points out that Rory's light, so she'll be easy to hold up when she gets tired. Rory moans a "Mom!" Lorelai adds that they'll have a "mother/daughter gimmick" that'll be a real crowd-pleaser. Rory says she can't dance with Lorelai because this is (somehow) Dean's first marathon: "We were gonna go and watch and hang out and he's totally looking forward to it. I told him how Andrew gets into a fight with his date in the first fifteen minutes and storms off the floor. I told him about Taylor getting punch-drunk at Hour 15 and telling stories about how he always wanted to be a magician. And, oh! I told him how when Kirk wins he likes to take his victory lap around the floor to the theme from Rocky. I was gonna show him all those things." And now, since Rory told us about it all, we don't have to see them, either. Of course, Lorelai doesn't care about anybody else's cares and desires, so she pouts until Rory caves, because Rory will pick just about anybody before she'll pick Dean. Rory says she'll have to ask Paris if she can get out of working on The Franklin on Saturday, and if Paris says yes, then she'll be Lorelai's partner. Lorelai hugs Rory and tells her that she loves her. "You should sell cars," Rory pouts. Lorelai agrees. Why aren't Rory and Dean entering the contest? Lorelai is very happy that she's going to win a big, fancy trophy.

Chilton. Paris is late for Chem class. The teacher can't believe it. Paris says she overslept and that it won't happen again. Rory walks over and says, "There's this big event that's happening in my town..." "Pig race?" Paris asks. "Dance marathon," Rory answers. "I was close," Paris says. My favorite part of the episode, right there. Rory explains the marathon and Paris says they'll reschedule the meeting. Louisa and Fraulein look up from their microscopes in unison. "What did she just say?" Fraulein asks. "I don't know," Louisa answers. "What did you say?" she asks Paris. "I said yes," Paris says. "She said yes," Fraulein repeats. Frantically, Louisa and Fraulein begin looking for dates for Saturday, asking out every boy in class. Rory comments that Paris must have had a good time with Jamie yesterday, since she's blushing and can't stop smiling. Paris says she and Jamie went for coffee and he talked about how great a time he had on their date. He finds her fascinating and he can't stop thinking about her. Rory says, "Wow. He likes you." "I left an impression," Paris explains. She wonders aloud why Jamie would want to date her, when she's in high school and neither blonde, tanned, nor easy like college girls. "Well, Jamie must be special," Rory concludes. "Or Ted Bundy," Paris adds. "Absolutely," Rory says. "It's either one or the other." Paris asks Rory to keep this a secret from Fraulein and Louisa, because as soon as they catch wind they'll be singing the "Trojan Man" theme song. I wish Paris and Jamie were dancing in the contest.

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