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It's early Saturday morning (sorry, Emily!), and the girls are all dressed up in their '40s finest, walking to the marathon. Rory's practically asleep on Lorelai's shoulder. They look really pretty. "No sun," Rory moans. "Well, he's not up yet," Lorelai says, pretty damn perky for this hour. Rory says she can't open her eyes. Lorelai says there's nothing to see anyway, just Kirk in a Speedo, Taylor in a skirt, and Al in ass-less chaps. Rory moans that she'll never be able to close her eyes again. Babette tells the girls that they look terrific and tells them to go get their physicals done at the next table, sign their release forms, and go get a number. Lorelai smiles and brags that Kirk will be crying like a little, teeny girl. "So, what else is new?" Babette Struthers. Lorelai calls Rory "Snoozy," but without the "Kurtz" ending I was predicting.

Sookie finds the girls taking the (long) walk to the physical table. Sookie's dressed up all pretty, and says that Jackson's inside finding a good spot on the dance floor, since they somehow already did their physicals. So much information we don't need! Lorelai wishes she had someone to find a good spot on the dance floor for her. Lorelai sure is needy. Rory leaves to go say hello to Lane. Lorelai reminds Rory that the sooner she gets inspected, the sooner they'll have coffee. Rory walks away and Sookie grabs Lorelai's arm, telling her solemnly that she has a problem. Lorelai says it's 6 in the morning, which is way too early to already have problems. Sookie tells Lorelai that she made coq au vin for dinner, so of course the subject of children came up. Jackson informed Sookie that he wants "four in four": four kids in four years. Sookie's "ooookay" reaction was interpreted as "Okay!" Now Jackson thinks that Sookie agreed to this. Lorelai asks if Sookie wants four in four. "No," Sookie says. "I mean, I want kids. You know I want kids." She says she was thinking one. Or two if the first one is "really quiet." Lorelai says that Sookie has to tell Jackson about this -- that this is not the fruit bowl that Jackson's mother gave her. Sookie can't just stick four kids in the attic until Christmas. Sookie says she and Jackson haven't ever had a real fight. They're still newlyweds who sneak out in the morning to brush their teeth before they get back into bed and pretend they woke up smelling that fresh. Okay, first of all, they fight all the time. We've seen them fight since before they got married. They had a huge fight about decorating her house. And people don't do that toothpaste thing after the first month of dating, much less the first six months of marriage. "We still put our clothes in the hamper; he pretends he doesn't hear me burp" is much more being newlyweds. Lorelai, always the delicate one, says, "You don’t have much of a marriage if you can't talk about the important things." Sookie asks if she's crazy for not wanting four in four. Lorelai says that four kids is a lot, and that Sookie would have to go four years without a cocktail. That put it all into perspective for Sookie, so she's going to talk to Jackson today. Perhaps while they are forced to spend twenty-four hours touching. What a great idea!

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